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84 turbo, I'm thinking of buying.

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So i have have a Porsche 944 that i finished restoring and am now looking for some thing a bit better. I came across a 1984 Esprit turbo, feel in love with it at first sight, here is the condition its in

-Needs to be repainted, but i care more about performance than looks

-Needs some interior work but again performance over looks

-The seller (used performance car lot) just put a new cylinder head on it OEM not sure exactly where he bought it but i can find out,

-He put a "custom" fuel system in the car to replace not only the smell issue but apparently some wires that could short, spark, and cause a fire.

-Im going back to find out how many miles are on it today, ill have that data up later,

-He did not start it last time i was there but he says it starts and runs great,

-The transition is out of an 88 Esprit that was in an accident, he bought the transmition of the guys wrecked car and put it in this one, i think because the original transmition case was cracked

-The tires are some what new but nothing i cant replace

-He says he will do oil/fuel filters and a new batt upon selling it to me

-the body is in excellent shape he claims no accidents and i believe it

-I heard the brakes were not so great, is there a simple brake swap or upgrade that can be done to improve this?

i got the car down to 10,500 USD i can probably get him down to 10K USD,

Deal or not?

Should i hold out for some thing cheaper?

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I would not recommend buying the cheapest esprit you can! The difference between a poor car and and an excellent one is ridiculously small. The one you are desribing sounds fairly average - but its impossible to say without examination.


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So i just got back from the dealer, the car has 28,000 miles and 0 underbelly rust, i checked it my self. it was apparently garage stored for its whole life time, until the current seller put it out in his lot. I could not seem to find any cars for cheaper in the US even on ebay and other internet sources that did not need some form of work. Like i said this car just got a new cylinder head, and fuel system (pump and lines) as well as timing belt tensionors etc, the car for the most part needs aesthetic work but i was back today and it was not as bad as i thought. The AC and stereo are also fully functional. the main thing that is catching me is the fact there is no rust and i live in the north east which is surprising for a car around here, very very surprising. if there is any thing i can describe further to help this out i would be more than glad to

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Esprits don't rust. The frame is hot-dip galvanized and the body is fibreglass. Fasteners will rust.

10K is too much for this car. There are at least 2 on eBay and Craigslist right now in the mid 6k range, and there is an 84 with a disassembled engine near you that is a distressed sale.

I would be very concerned about the fuel system changes without knowing more about what was done. I would also want to know who did the head on the car, as well as the timing belt.

Drive the car. That will tell you a lot about its condition.

Mike - '83 Esprit Turbo, Turbo St. Tropez,  '87 Esprit Turbo  (FrankEnSPRIT), '05 Elise

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i did see the one in on ebay for 6k but its in California so after i got it and got it shipped here the price would balance out, i cant seem to find the one on craigs list, do you have the link? the cylinder head was done by Alex Deutsch at Autolex in allentown PA. The fuel system was also done by him i got more info on it yesterday. He said that he replaced all the lines and pump with OEM parts or other direct fit pieces, he has all the sales receipts i did not see them but i can get a copy if need be. The turbos of that era that i was finding on ebay and other auto classifieds were listing more in the 12k-15k range which is why i initially though this was a good deal. the car is in better shape than i had originally posted, it does need new paint but, the interior is not as bad as i made it seem, the fabric is faded but does not have to be replaced, aside form a few rips here and there. the ac and radio work, the problem is distance for me i keep fining the cars for sale in California but with transport and all the price's always seem to come around 10k, i guess the price is a bit steep, but its the only one i can seem to find and seems to be in good shape.

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