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Would imagine its a disagreement on policy between chairman and manager, most likely over transfer funds, being forced to sell players etc.

O'Neill is a brilliant manager but strikes me as his own man and once the goalposts change, thats it.

As an Arsenal fan there are some teams I obviously don''t want to suceed, and some you do as a neutral. Villa were very much in the later camp for me and I would like to have seen the club under his guidance win a trophy such as the carling cup like he did with Leicester (twice).

Sad day for the premiership and I fear they will now struggle somewhat.

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James Millner...i reckon.

Totally agree with your points dispite your gooner tendency... :lol: really rate him as a manager, one of those that brings out the best in mediocre players...

Are thte gooners still after reina? never thought wenger would want to spend a great deal on anyone...

take it cesc is staying then?

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I am sure gooner tendancies will not be held against me!!!!

The amount of rubbish I have read over the summer about who Arsenal are buying - it gets worse every year. Players from Italy, several different goalies etc etc. I don't think they will sign anyone else before the window closes.

Fact is we have a manager who is as stubborn as they come and won't put his hand in his pocket. Its clear they don't have a big transfer budget despite the stories about how well the club is run and I am sure Wenger agreed to run the club on a budget for the stadium project. Once thats paid the club will be in an awesome position financially.

Certainly big clubs are feeling the pinch, Manure have made no big signings again and despite beating Chelski yesterday I can't see them being better than last year, so the Arse won't have a better chance of wining the league IMO....although I am not saying they will!

Yes Cesc is staying but I reckon Wenger has an agreement that he will go next summer whn barca can afford him (see point above!). If they had not signed Villa prior to that I am sure he would be gone now,

Oh just realised - how ironic that James Milner helped seal the end of Keegan's second reign at Newcastle and now it looks as though the same has happened at Villa.

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Massive loss for Villa. Mugs.

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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