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G Esprit wheel spec

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I would like to know the wheel spec for the older Esprits especially the ET (inset) values for the front and rear wheels. I have bought some wonderful ATS Classic wheels (9x15 ET:-19) and unfortunately i can not make any use of them. originally i bought them for my Audi Coupe quattro A2 widebody rallye replica, but the wheels are too wide even with the widebody kit (fenders are 80mm wider per side as the stock of the Coupe quattro). i bought the wheels with the car, that had a widebody kit, it was all fine, but it was only a Coupe, not a Coupe quattro. so i deciced to go quattro and modified the car. now the wheels dont fit anymore, becouse the quattro drive is wider by 12mm per side. too bad for me... :(

here is a picture of the wheel (click to enlarge):


I am asking for the wheel sizes of the old Esprit, becouse i want to know, if the ATSs would fit or not. if everything goes well, i could start an Esprit project in 2 or 3 months :)




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Hi Richard,

Very nice set of wheels you have got there, Love the old quattros especially the wide body versions.. The wheel specs for the G shaped esprit with the five stud patterns are fronts 15 X 7 with a PCD of 5 x 120mm and an offset of + 23, and the rears are 15 x 8 with an offset of -20mm. Also the s1 and s2 and some very early s3 turbos where four stud dont know the wheel specs though.

The rears would be fine if the bolt pattern is the same but the fronts would be way to wide and the wrong offset unless you where building a wide arch esprit!

Hope this helps regards danny


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Thanks Danny!

i guess i will have to look for 7x15" ATS classics for the front, which are rare too :( . the offset is not so critical, it looks like (to me) that the stock wheels could use some spacers, becouse they are too much in (for me). the wheels on Hilly's car look OK for me, i have bought these AZEV "A" rims for the quattro with 9x16" ET: +15; i don't know the wheel sizes on Hilly's car, but i guess they are 17".

thanks again, You helped alot!

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Hi Richard,

Hilly runs avez A s on his motor, his wheel specs are 7.5 x 16 ( et + 23 ) and the rears are 8 x 17 ( et + 15 and hilly uses a spacer it started out out 60mm but with the rear disc conversion etc i think he reduced it )

I run on my G esprit audi 3.7 v8 compomotive motorsport front 8 x 17 ( et +23 ) with 215 40 17 and the rears are 10 x 18 ( et +1 ) and use a 40mm custom spacer and run 275 35 18 tyres, plenty of grip and fill the arches lovely, they can be picked up new for about £850 for the set from compomotive but you will need to machine up a custom hub adaptor, If your on the look out for an esprit there is a decent one on ebay at the moment its an s3 thats had a rover v8 conversion, worth looking at as a good project base as its all there if your thinking of doing an engine conversion aswell.

Good luck and keep us posted on the project if you get one :thumbup: regards danny


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that was the car i nearly bought a year ago. i wanted to have it without the rover engine and the transmission. but the other guy offered more for it and took it with the rover. if i ever do a conversion then i would stick with audi :) i tought of an inline 5 cyl turbo maybe the 20v version. that sounds great and can be tuned easily above 300BHP and is not too heavy. i have to wait untill october 'till i get my money (my ex-employer owes me a few grands), till then the quattro-project should be sorted (at least the body will get the respray, after 2 years of hard work, all the fenders and spoilers had to be made by hand) too, then i can make a more accurate calculation if i should start the esprit-project or not. here are a few pics of my quattro, if You are interrested:






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those ATS classics looks like S1 S2 S2.2 4 bolts. i wonder if they are the same as the audi quattro's

hello, they are 4x108, the same as the 4 bolt Audi quattro.

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Here is some data on wheels that might help. Its info on stock wheels and my custom Fikse rims.



*Size = 15x7 with 195/60-15

*OEM Offset = Positive +23.3


*Size = 15x8 with 235/60-15

*OEM Offset = Negative -20.0


*Size = 17x8½" with 215/45-17

*Offset = Positive +20.3

Fikse REAR

*Size = 17x9" with 255/45-17

*Offset = Negative -25.5

1987 Esprit Measurements:

*FRONT Spigot 71.0 mm diameter 11.5 mm thick

*REAR Spigot 71.0 mm diameter 10.0 mm thick

*Bolt Pattern 5x120 - front and rear

*Center Bore 71 mm - front and rear

*Heat Shield 135 mm from mount plate to heat shield*

NOTE - Torque Recommendation = 74 lbs

NOTE - Lotus specifications require a minimum of 20mm "biting" thread to extend beyond the rear face of the wheel.

NOTE - 5x120 Bolt Pattern is same as BMW

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