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New Lancia Stratos


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Lovely. A proper modern take on it without making it an overstyled cliche (ref : New Beetle, MINI etc etc.).

Nice to see some mega-rich bloke putting his money to good use - he's obviously a massive fan of the original and can afford to indulge himself. I think we'd all do something similar if we could. I'll be ordering mine in 70's lime-green. :thumbsup:

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LOL it's hardly different - I was all excited when I saw the title.

It's like WOW look at the Ford GT vs the GT40...errrr they're the same :wacko:

Classy, but it just goes to show you cannot improve on certain designs. Lamborghini Muria, GT40, Startos, Reliant Robin....

Bugger though, just remembered that was the other car I needed in my garage....

Some designer called fenomenon (do doo de do doo) did a mock up of one ages ago which was different enough but not in the same class.

It's nothing without popups as well.

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I think it's superb. Of all of the classics that have been "brought back" as modern cars, I think this one is the best. I think it does justice to the original the best, and it comes off as modern, not retro. ...Maybe, though, that's because the original Stratos was such a futuristic design from the start?

I also liked the Fulvia concept from a few years ago, although not nearly as much. I have not been a fan of digging up old designs, but my attitude toward that is starting to change, as there haven't really been many new designs that I have found the least bit attractive.

Tony K. :)


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It's very exciting news. A proper supercar returns and it looks the business. Lets hope it sells better than the original (which was only 492 cars).

Always loved the Zero and the 71 Stratos HF Prototype. Here's a pic I took of it at FOS a few years ago


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Just beautiful. It looks like it evolved from the Fenomenon car of a few years ago but looks infinitely better. Mind tou there was nothing wrong with the original design that a little bit of upscaling and a comfortable interior wouldn't sort.

Can't help feeling there might have been no need for this car if Lotus had pressed on with the Stratos inspired M250 though...lovely clamshells



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I love the new Stratos.....just a shame there will only be 25 and in the hundreds of thousands. If I remember right the old Startos was expensive but not that much.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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<_< the title states it (or I see it a body-kit) based on the now obsolete F430 Fezza ?!

So why on earth should I do that (if I would have an F430) ?

Sounds like the same problem as with the Melkus RS2000 -wich is based as an body kit on an Toyota Elise. Who would pay more than 50.000 Euros extra for such kind of car ?!

If the designers of this cool looking Stratos would have done it as an seperate car -that would be the interesting point. I have in mind legal homologation problems with US/international markets ... that could be the reason ?!

OK, it looks attractive & wild ..but as I say -why would someone do that :rolleyes:


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Works for me. Fabulous :)

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was reading up on the subject some time ago. The bloke, for got his name, who is reviving the Stratos actually owns no 1, plus has inherited the largest Stratos collection from his father. Also has he managed to get ahold of the ownership of the name Stratos. So to say Lancia has nothing to do with the car anymore. In September there will be a concour d'elegance near my place, lst year No.1 was displayed there, and I hope that the new Stratos will be there for marketing purposes.

I sincerely hope that there will be many more than 25. The mechanics of the car are almost 100% Ferrari, so plenty expensive anyway.....

In respect to all those retro designs: Nice, but now we need a breathtaking spankin new ESPRIT design, something to whelm about for the next 30 years, without copying the past.......

Saving money............

Olaf S400 project



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