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Interior Fan stop working

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These days we have very heavy rain almost every day and need fan running to deforst but stop to running :angry:

I though was easy task :

First Check the fuse and it's OK mumm

Second check the motor is OK , so connected 12v directory to the motor and see it can run and it's ran mummm..

Now is the problem where is wrong ? So, check the fuse connection and there is 12v there

So, I guess it may the fan swich problem ? (I hate remove the console ) :blink:

I removed the console and check the fan swich, it looks fine there is no lose end conneced 12V to the swich see fan can run and it's start

And what I found ! The cable connector was brun see the picture !

it took almost 1/2 day to solve the problem . :cry:

I just want to share what problem was

post-386-036484500 1282164980.jpg

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Good find,the blower pulls a fair amount of amps maybe potential fire averted? (but surely something must have pulled the plug and socket apart in the first place) Or is your fan pulling too many amps ? binding up etc?

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Simplest things first.

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Cool you found it, my fan only works on its lowest setting, anything higher and it blows the fuse, had to replace all the earthing for the blower as it was all melted and cut about by a previous owner.

The fan works fine on all setting but for some reason it pulls too much load for the higher fan speeds. It seems fine when directly connected to a battery and the wires don't get hot. Its very strange.

Glad you got yours sorted though

Chunky Lover

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