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Esprit underside

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Haver you fashioned any diffuser type assembly to the rear panel?

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the brakes are covered, as I see by the 'brush' type things ?!

And what is with the airflow from the radiator in front -does this still go to the underside of the car ?

As for addditional static 'downforce' -how much wheight does this add to the car at all ?? :rolleyes:


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I never thought my bottom would get noticed...!!!!!!!

To answer your questions, starting with Bibs of cause.

Yes there is a diffuser at the rear. it is 30 inches long and runs at 10 degrees to the parallel. This is not as big as i would have liked but the design of the car and the need to maintain ground clearance limited the perameters i could work within.. I could have made it stick out at the back but that would have upset the aesthetics of the profile. The rest of the floor runs with a 3.5 degree rake to insure stability at speed.


Each section can be unbolted and removed , the bolt heads are recessed and covered with flush mounted removable plugs. the material is anodized aluminium .

Mike and Gunter.....

Radiator air flow is still to the underside but with a small diffuser channeling a greater percentage out of the front wheel wells. Having the airflow from the rads releasing under the car really screwed up the figures, but as this is primarily a road car it was not practical to redirect airflow over the top. (see pic )


well spotted on the brush things. these are to allow the suspension and drive shafts to work unimpeeded while reducing all the road dirt and water getting on top of the aero floor

Some reduction in airflow to the rear brakes by the conventional route has been compensated for buy rechanneling air into rear wheel wells from another source. Finally the issue on weight, Yes there is some static weight gain, however this should not have any major effects on perfomance as it is low down and the engine has an increased bhp,

Anything more you would like to know just ask :gathering: #


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