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Worshop manual help

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My Dads Excel SE is with me for the weekend to resolve some problems.

Front brakes drag

RH headlamp not popping up

Short of power

Front caliper replacement needs no explanation, but I need pdf copies of the workshop manual pages for:-

  1. Headlamp and side lamp system circuit diagram
  2. Carb settings (for an SE 1989) and CO levels
  3. Ignition timings for the above

Would anyone be kind enough to e-mail these to me at [email protected]?

I used to have workshop manuals for everything, but sold many thinking I would never need them again, that was before this Excel came along!



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I belive the timing is the same as the carb turbo which is 10TDC

Cant help with the rest


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Thanks Chris,

Your right! Just found the info in the owners manual. However I still could do with the CO spec from the carb setting section in the manual if anyone can help. I managed to sort the headlamp problem, just very slight corrosion on the motor which is now working again after rotating the motor spindle with a pair of pliers for a few turns.

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From the workshop manual:

Excel HC (which is the SE), Idle Co level (hot) 0.5 - 1.5%

Slow running speed 900 - 1000 rpm

Ignition timing: (all +- 2 degrees)

static: 10 degrees BTDC

hot idle: 10 degrees BTDC , @950 +- 50 rpm

Vacuum capsule: 22 degrees advance

Centrifugal advance (vacuum disconnected)

Below 1000m, zero

2000: 8 degrees

3000: 16 degrees

For initial setting: 10 degrees BTDC @ hot idle , 950 +- 50 rpm

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Cheers guys,

Set the O2 to about 1.9% and ignition timing to about 10 and there has been a small improvement (was running a bit lean before), but I still think there should be more. I guess the carbs could do with a clean up and re-build after 20 odd years.

Starts easy and runs smooth, just a bit gutless. I'll do a carb re-build some time over the winter. I will have more time to lavish on the Excel since the Esprit SE Turbo is going up for sale. Sad but true. Finances will be better in a couple of years time, so maybe I will get another then, though I must admit, I do like the relaxed driving style of the Excel!


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