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Broken/Scrap Citroen Turbo Gearbox

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You will need the entire case. Citroen bell housings are not easily swappable between gearboxes. Citroen machined the bores for the differential bearing saddles with the bell housing mated to the case in order to accurately shape the saddles. If you take the housing form one gearbox and mate it to the case of another, the saddles won't be perfectly round. You would have to re-machine the bores.

Mike - '83 Esprit Turbo, Turbo St. Tropez,  '87 Esprit Turbo  (FrankEnSPRIT), '05 Elise

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I am aware that they are a matched part, however II don't think it would represent a major problem for the diff carrier bearings. I reckon its more likely to be an issue sealing the drive shaft housing - but you pays your money and takes your chances.

I know somebody out there must have one gathering dust.....

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