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Quad light main beam

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Seen this done before on the car but wondered exactly how it's done.

Not looked at mine yet to see what the relay is wired up like but seems pretty straight forward.

Was thinking the easiest way was to feed the main beam relay to the headlight relay so they're both on at the same time when the stalk is moved.

Anyone done it ?

Any issues with current draw ?

Am I correct in deducing that the lights are not fused (can't find a fuse for them on the wiring diagram !?)

Was thinking of fitting the bright bulbs like but this is a lot cheaper.

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Thats the kiddy, pretty much confirms what I was thinking in that you can do it by choping wires as well.

Actually re-reading Andy's page the answer was staring me right in the face, there's actually a page on 4 main beams in the manual with that mod in it :D

(here's to my stunning powers of observation !)

Cool - fankoo ver much :)

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If you do a search for programmable wiper relay, you'll find all the details there. I've cut and paste the part number for you

Latest update. The part number has now been superseded by

3BO 955 531 Price from VW dealer is

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hi Guys I wrote an Articule about the headlights its on the forum some where..

I've been an Auto Spark for some 45 years...

One thing to remember there are No Fuses in our cars Lighting system.

Fitting this Relay to malke all 4 headlight work on main beam is a straight swop...

This relay is unusual in as much that it makes to contacts rarther just one in the common or garden relays used.

This is my advise find my write up....My Sport 350 4 mains are like search Lights...Why because the inner two are now 100watt bulbs...the outer two that normally do not work on UK cars are fed by a seperate fused Relay.....

Do Not Try to have two outer beams work with two 100w inner beams working with this straight swop twin contact relay as per the USA Andy Wittaker....

look at it this way...No Fuses...2x 65w=12 amps..+ 2x 65=12 amps = max about 25 amps..

My car...2x65w+..2x100w=nearly 30amps...but relayed and fused..

just a thought...the 100w mains have a much better effect than switching on the outer mains.....the effect is huge but actually illegal...No one will want to dazzle effect on the race track at night....

keep rockin..Rob

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I just finished some consulting work for a company making OEM HID modules, and they're now designing plug-and-play HID upgrade kits for older cars. Installing them in something like a Lotus would require the addition of a switch-saver relay and fuses for the lights themselves (ignition charge in HIDs is quite high, but once the gas has been 'sparked' the charge drops and the lights are far more efficient than incandescents)

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One thing to remember there are No Fuses in our cars Lighting system.


Thats one thing I found amazing when looking at the circuit diagrams.

Probably going to put a few in line once I do some current checks - as you say the relay and the current switching might be an issue.

Interesting about the legality - but I don't care much, sick of getting blinded by these 'new' cars with the piercing white / blue lights (mainly BMWs again), if it's not them it's truck with Blackpool illuminations on the front...I use main beam with care anyways.

Swap the relays for the MOT :lol:

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