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Heat resistant POR-20...

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1400f = 760c in new money.

One went out for a little spirited drive last night and I can remember seeing both the turbo and the manifold glowing, without a measuring device I cannot tell what temp it was at but it's bloody hot.

Just had a visual inspection of the Esprit after the work it's had done on it and remembered I had dotted this paint on certain parts of the exhuast, from the cat to the turbo and manifold. Looked just now and the paint is still there, still bright silver and completely un-touched and un-scratchable.

Following on from the cracked manifold issue wondering if this would have any detremental effects on the part if coated, also wondering if it might help any issues - I know some people have tried different coatings that have failed, curious to know what people's opinions are.

I'm certainly going to do the cat with it due to the rust that's already formed it will probably fail due to structure before the catalyst does - it'll definatly help to preserve those hidden cheap mild steel parts that would otherwise be rusting away.

Very impressed with what I've seen so far.

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Mainly applied it to the cat drum as mine is rusting away. I've done about 250 miles hard driving and the silver finish is un-affected.

The clumps I have done further and futher back to the manifold are also fine. I've read Dermot's encounters with coating suggesting they might concerntrate the heat unto the gasses instead of radiating out into the engine bay...I'll have to see....what I need is a laser thermometer but I haven't access to one and they are a bit pricey :lol:

The paint itself is peanuts...I paid about $35 for a pint (all done in imperial measurements).

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It's heat resistant, which mean it won't flake off due to high heat. Just like the caliper paint, but resistant to a higher temp. I doubt is has any reflective properties and won't deflect or relect any heat elsewhere. Just stops rusting and looks nice. Whether if could handle the heat generated by the Esprit is another matter.

The special coatings that protect and deflect heat haven't had much success on the Esprit. Peeling off within a few months. Also Lotus haven't done any testing with them and would be concerned about where the heat would end up. Might effect other components.

Did you get it imported from the US or get it here in the UK?

Good idea for the steel cats, but I've not heard of many rusting away, inside normally go long before.


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I know what you mean about the Cat Jon. Mine is a hollow rust bucket so im getting a proper cat/ebpv bypass on Monday from PNM. The only parts I would consider painting are the turbo and the exhaust manifold as you suggest. Both look like a rusty mess, even though you cant really see them without looking. Usual problem though, I know they are there and that they look shite!

Are we suggesting that it may not be wise to paint these? Personally I'd be suprised if a small coat of this paint is going to make much difference in term of heat disapation issues. But ill wait to see what those in the know come up with.

Good find anyway Jon! :lol:

These are my concerns - perhaps I will chat to Brian at Oxford about it.
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