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Problems with Auto Check Score on Ebay Lotuses

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Hi All,

I am looking through the Esprits on Ebay, and I'm noticing that the AUTOCHECK Scores all seem to be bad......Even when there is no problems found the score is bad.....Why do they ruin the chances of a seller to sell at a good price with low scores that don't reflect the condition of the car??? Case in point, a 89 Esprit on EBAY item number 380261402856. It gives a score of 64 but then in the score details section, there are NO problems at all........ If I were this seller, and the unjustified low score caused people to not buy my car, I would be so livid that I'd be tempted to take action against the scoring company..... It seems to have no rhyme or reason as a 3 year older Esprit (Ebay item 280552460331) WITH a reported damage/accident in the AutoCheck Score got a higher score of 66.......... Now I know that us, in the Esprit community can look past those scores to see the cars for what they are, but shutting out all the potential buyers who come to blindly rely on the score as a filtering tool smacks of arbitrary un-justice........

So, in the interests of all of us who for whatever reason might need to sell our loved Esprits, I wrote to the company this following:

"To whom it may concern.

I'm interested in buying this Lotus Esprit on EBAY, item number 380261402856

I'm concerned about the failing score of 64, but owner insists that there is no problem. In your report viewable on ebay, there are no issues found, so why is there such a bad score? I'm concerned that there is some hidden problem. Please tell me what it is that you found that gives it such an unacceptable score.


Paul Wendling

951 206 9156"

Let's see if I get a reply......... Oh, and by the way, on their website, in small print, it says that it is a division of Experian... that figures, the company that consistently is being sued for unrealistic scoring risk factoring.......

Do any of you folks have any stories about this problem?

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