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Tubular Manifolds

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From SJ's

"We now have tubular exhaust manifolds for all non turbocharged Esprit's, made from stainless steel. The prices vary, please check the various pages on our site for your model, all include the front section and all cost less then the cast iron original!"

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Guest Troy Halliday

Ok lets see,

I have a HC head which has larger exhaust ports. To cater for this, a different manifold to head section has obviously been used. Thats all fine and dandy but to accomidate this, the weld has been built up because the pipe is perhaps a bit too small. I am not talking much but you can see by the pic. To my mind had it been left a bit rough just as it enters the manifold. I ground this down and now the gasses can smoothly exit the head. There was more than enough built up weld to cope with this without weekening the joint.


Putting the manifold pipes together are a bit of a puzzle but, if you pause for a minute and arrange them in line on a bench or the floor it is quite obvious. I loosly bolted the manifold on to give me a bit of play to connect it up to the collector. I soon found that I had to remove the bottem left pipe clamp to get it passed the chasis. This made it a bit fiddly when refitting the clamp, involving quite a bit of swearing and a lot of head scratching. Once all the pipe wear firmly in the collector I tightened all the manifold to head nuts. This was quite easy with good acces to most nuts, baring a few which you could only get to with a spanner and with minimal movement to boot. But far easier than I had expected. The mid pipe and backbox where a breeze to fit and the alignment in general very good.

I did find that the exaust at the collector seemed to pass very close to the chassis but I have sinced started the car and there is no problems.


I went for the tubuler manifold syraight through mid pipe (ie no middle box) and sports backbox. I must admit I am very happy with the way it sounds.

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The primarly pipes seem a bit on the short side to really tune in at any usable rpm. I am surprised they didn't go for a 4-2-1 set up considering the space restriction. I'd recommend primary pipes in the 30" - 33" range.


Thanks for your comments Troy seems to be and looks good I think I better start saving  :lol:



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seriously shah, wherever your manifold came from it sounds great :lol:

But if it looked like that I'm not sure if I would put up with it :lol:


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