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Do normal people go looking for celebrities?

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Or, at least, no-one you recognised at the time.

I wasn't so much interested in which celebrities you have met while they were working but the one who were just doing normal, everyday things. I was in a bar in Monaco one Grand Prix weekend when I worked at Cosworh. It was pretty quiet, there being only about 4 or 5 people in there. The two guys at the bar were obviously race fans and when Jacques Villeneuve and another guy walked in the face on one the fans was priceless.

But, more to the point, has anyone gone looking for celebrities? In Los Angeles they used to publiish locations where filming was going on so people could go and watch. Others go and hang around restaurants that celebrities frequent but going on holiday in the hope of seeing famous people? I think not. I think Mr. Clarkson was off on that one.

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Ok. No-one I ever spoke to. I did see Wally Masur (tennis player) in an elevator and a couple of Aussie TV soap actors, but no-one of the ilk that other people on here have. I would never go and hang out in a restaurant where celebs went basically 'cos I doubt I could afford it. Other than that, there ain't many big names in Perth where I live.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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What an interesting and eclectic list. As with others I don't go looking for them (at least since I turned 11). Met Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Red Rum (the Grand National winner), Bing Crosby and his wife when I was little.

Since I have sat on airplanes for a few million miles I have had the privilege of sitting next to Robert Redford twice (he actually remembered me the 2nd time, amazing!), Robert Downey Junior, Arnold & Maria Schwarzenegger, Ewan MacGregor, Russel Crowe, Paul Bettany, Jessica Biel, Tom Cruise, Michael Palin, John Cleese (what an arsehole), Kareem Abdul Jabar (Bar in Oahu), Joan Collins (Concorde trip), Rik Mayall (Lobby of the Hyatt in Sydney), Rowan Atkinson ( he pulled a Mr. Bean face on my wife when she loudly said "who is he" in Heathrow), Patsy Kensit, Paul McCartney, Bruce Willis (gave us a high five on a cancelled flight to Hawaii when our flight got canceled and we all started killing Mai Tai's instead of time), Al Gore, Bill Pullman, Ali Larter, Princess Anne, Captain Mark Philips (who let me tag along through customs so I could make my next flight after a conversation on the way to Dulles from Heathrow), James Doohan (coming back to LA after visiting his sister, he is not Scottish), William Shatner (had to work a customer issue and it was his ranch in Fresno, nice guy), Tina Turner, Lech Walesa, Sarah Ferguson, Charlie Watts, Kiefer Sutherland, Dudley Moore, Gary Coleman, Joe Cocker. There are numerous others throughout the years, faces I can remember just not names.

All in all most of the folks on the list have struck up conversations with me, I take the attitude I do not want to be disturbed while traveling but will talk for a while. Most of the time I did not realize who they were until Flight Attendants asked what it was like sitting with them or the chime in my head suddenly went off when they took of their glasses/showed their boarding card or made some other display of their celebrity (John Cleese, see comment above).

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Living in Norway, which is a very small country we bump in to celebrities almost every day. In shops, bars, on the street. Passes with a shrug of the shoulders. As a former amateur musician, I have played with many of our famous artists with our big band - for audiences including the Queen of Norway.

Of course few are international fame; but I once sat next to Liv Ullmann on a plane (well, for all it's worth) - and in front of Leonard Bernstein. I have had AHA star Morten Furuholmen for tea in my home, and chatted with the former prime minister of Norway and ex head of WHO Gro Harlem Brundtland for like an hour when she arrived too early at a ball we were playing at (she came alone in her little Pugeot 205).

My son shares class with son of huge Norwegian football star Jan Åge Fjørtoft; my daughter shares class with daughter of famous Norwegian finance acrobat and cruise-line owner Atle Brynestad, and my 6-year old niece is best classmate with the princss of Norway Ingrid Alexandra - so every day my brother has small talk with the crown prince and Princess.

But again, not so much a big deal. We see'em every day and in egalitarian Norway nobody really bothers that much. They are just actors, singers and royalty. Nothing more.


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After visiting the "Rin Tin Tin" ('50's TV show) paddock in L.A. as a boy (and being devastated at finding out that there were several canines playing the part), it's been downhill ever since. Securing Jay Silverheels' ("Tonto" of "The Lone Ranger" fame) autograph at a local supermarket later that year boosted my spirits a bit, but just.

Actually, if you count flying on a airplane as "an everyday activity" I've met (or at least smiled at during boarding/disembarking) so many celebs that I've lost count. Nonetheless, each time it struck me: hey, these people actually exist---they are real people, not just celluloid artifacts on a screen or in a magazine; and, by golly, they look just like themselves! (ya think?) And, as mentioned several times by others, the vast majority of them seemed like very likable folks, who enjoy their "downtime" as much as the next bloke.

Would I select a vacation/holiday destination just to spot celebrities? Not a chance. But, I've found that a fair number of them seem to frequent the ski slopes---and at least one of them owns one (and, yes, I did see him, and he waved back).:)

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A few years back when Fox Studios opened in Sydney I managed to sneak in. My sister was working there at the time so I found out the name of a manager who wasn't going to be there that night and I turned up to the staff office saying she had asked me to work. A little bit of bluffing later and I had gotten hold of an entry pass and a t-shirt (uniform). I worked for about half an hour before I snuck off to retrieve the suit I had brought with me then I was able to socialise with the celebrities.

There were a lot of Aussie TV stars there but there were also a few international film stars like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman who were still together at that time, but they weren't really social.

Brian Brown was good value that night. It was just after the republic referendum and he is a very strong supporter of a republic, but as Australia voted to stay in the commonwealth he spent the night drinking and ranting about it, but he was good fun.

I almost knocked Sandra Sully to the ground, accidentally, but was able to steady her before any damage was done.

Molly Meldrum was very drunk and threatening to take his pants off for much of the night. I wasn't subjected to seeing his arse but I would not be surprised if a few other guests were.

The cast of Water Rats were really nice especially Raelee Hill and I had a good long chat with them.

Of course most of these names won't mean anything to anyone outside of Australia and a few of them probably won't mean much to the aussies here, but it was a fun night that I won't forget.

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This was a friend of my dad - the connection was Diogenese and his preservation - he asked dad if he might do a painting of our family, dad wasn t keen as we were to pose naked??:blush:

My celebrity father had his fiteen minutes hiding the corpse all over Devon for 6 weeks with the cat and mouse antics of the national tv and Plymouth Health Authority

Robert was very understood!! :lol:

I have to ask myself - 'do I feel lucky'?

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I went out for dinner with my wife one Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in London…..The Boxwood Café … very nice by the way.

My wife doesn’t like to eat late so we had booked an early table…. too early as it turned out, we were the only ones in the place. Really, the only ones, just us and a bunch of waiters.

Just as I was giving my wife a hard time about being in an empty restaurant another couple walked in. Didn’t really pay any attention until I heard the very distinctive voice of James Bond speaking to the waiter.

Seems Sean Connery and his wife like to eat early too!

Other than that, I used to work as stage crew in Aberdeen’s Capitol Theatre and we met everyone who played there from 1978 to 1982.

Some were real ar5e holes and some were just down to earth musicians having a great time.

The first show we did was John Miles and the last was The Rolling Stones.

Other than those, we did everyone you can imagine who was on tour during those years…. Including Thin Lizzy (Favourite band of all time) :unworthy:

Happy days….. Music pre X Factor :thumbdown:

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I live in New York City and you can't help running in to a lot of celebrities (Bill Murray with a raging hangover at high noon was a good one), but on a Lotus-related note, David Byrne was on my flight back from Detroit a few weeks ago after visiting Tony K and getting my Esprit S1 moved from storage in Cleveland to the restoration shop outside Toledo. Had a nice chat with David while on the taxi line (yes, he takes taxis and not limos) about how NYC is nowhere near as crime-ridden as out-of-towners think. Then I mugged him.

But my all-time favorite was when I was crossing the street in the mid-'80s in NYC and as I stepped up on the opposite curb I turned to a friend on the other side who'd called my name, and then accidentally body-slammed Henry Kissinger, knocking everything he was carrying on the ground, papers flying everywhere, with a huge, seriously pissed off bodyguard looking like he was going to tear out my heart and eat it. I thought, "Damn, if only I'd known it was that easy I could have gotten at least $20K from some Cambodians to take him out."

Actually, forget Kissinger, this is my proudest celeb meeting/hangout. I play guitar and have a hefty collection of vintage and boutique fuzz boxes, so I commissioned a particularly weird high-gain fuzz for Billy Gibbons as a gift, which was based on a Jordon Bosstone. He was righteous as hell and ended up ordering a half dozen of them. I have the only other one.

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