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An interesting race prepped esprit

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That is pretty awesome, shame its all hidden under the bodywork.

interesting conception, this mixture of non factory 'spaceframe' and roll-cage and factory frame.

The 'push rod' suspencion is also notable ..maybe we can get some more background info from our scandinavian members ?!


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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can someone out of our *scandinavian group* enlighten us more on this all ?

I'm for example very interested in drawings and detail plans of the cage/suspension 'stiff up'... .


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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On the thread, go to page 2 and 3.... there are tons more pictures there, I especially like the one showing the underside (beautifully clean) showing the 3 pneumatic pistons which lifts the car off the ground to quick change the tyres. Also, neat to see the frame and sheeting that replaced the wood bulkhead.


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I sent it to Johan (Extremeesprit) he's Swedish ;)

Though if you use google Chrome it will auto translate that site

4cyl turbo

all new, changed or renovated. blah:

Autronic SM4 controllers, racing bosch 1600cc injectors, own header,

intake of four separate damper, forged venoliakolvar 8,5:1 comp, nicasilbelagda aluminiufoder drilled to oversize,

balanced base, pinnbultat blocks, vented top,

mirafrästa valve seats, polished flow valves, mechanical lytare and dual valve springs at the head, flywheel-gloss, high intercoler,

Garret ball bearing turbo.

racecoolers racing coolers, water-cooled NASCAR oljekyl,

dry sump will be reduced by preheating the oil, dry sump pump wrc electric water pump, rebuilt kamdrivning, ventilated top, Spal electric fans and water cooling to the intercooler,

AP racing clutch, etc. ..

Subaru imreza grp: a gearbox, rebuilt to 2wd,

straight-cut gears, tätsteged

thicker shafts, lammelldiff.3, 9:1 male

lotus powered hubs, drive shafts fixit

oil cooling for the transmission.

sekvensionellt lever console.

röramskonstruktion consisting of approximately 40m approved tubes and approximately 10m other structural hollow thin, built around Lotus org framework.

org glasfiberkarross, however, thinner plastic iglasfiberdelarna.

roof and hood in carbon fiber.

Öhlins fully adjustable shock absorbers all around, the push rod forward

Öhlins springs.

adjustable front and rear with uniballs and rörbärarmar.

Double parallel rods of castes compensation back.

Sell knife duel inhibitor produced

infinitely adjustable anti-roll bars e30 m3 bak.alt no.

short-steering gear.

air jacks.

bolt hubs.

BBS Race three-piece split rims, centrumbultsnav in magnesium,

polished aluminum wheel tracks, 8,5 x17 front, 11x17 rear.

Pirelli / Dunlop 235/265 wide slicks.

Special pedals, adjustable in lengthwise and bromsvåg, brake force distribution cabinet.

355x32mm front discs with Brembo alunav, water-cooled four-piston calipers with titanium pistons.

Rear AP Racing 300x28mm discs with alunav, AP Racing 4-piston caliper, titanium pistons

hydraulic handbrake.

stålomspunna hoses everywhere.

instrument panels, door panels in carbon fiber, Sparco Evo seats, moved back and lowered driving position, prolonged easier steering column. suede steering wheel

stuck with racing instrumentation laptimer. Spal electric fans which kupefläkt.

Peltor intercom.

Otherwise, as little as possible.

adjustable carbon fiber wing with adjustable lip of the aluminum.

carbon fiber mirrors, brand forward,

v70 handles, centralized dryers, etc.

30-liter foam-filled tank safety, light weight battery,

power: about 400hk, 500nm.

Total weight: 980 kg 43% front 57% rear. the wave normal with much gasoline.

Edited by Vulcan Grey


Vulcan Grey 89SE

My Lotus Photo and Projects Album

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the push-rod & wishbone looks slightly 'crude' on the first pictures ? ..but if it works as expected.. :thumbup:

would be interesting to get detailed informations on how to cover all the load-points & suspension pick-ups

Edited by Günter


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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