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shift with no clutch

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Yeah you can. By matching revs and timing it correctly. I can actually drive my VW bug around without using the clutch at all. I suspect this is much easier on this car though than most. Have yet to try it on the Esprit. Trying to not do anything that will piss off the trans and have that bugger stop functioning...


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Just let off the throttle as your upshifting . :angry:

Much more difficult coming down the box (dont try it) :blink:

Dont do it clutchless UNDER POWER (unless using Jerico, Lenco,Hewland, Quaffe, Tran-X ,Dog clutch non syncro gearbox (straight cut gears are nice too) :angry:

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LOL our Escort van and car at work can be changed without the clutch as Shah says if you match them right and move the stick fast enough....if you get it wrong you sure know about it.

Dunno why you'd wanna do it though, that clutch pedal there for a reason like.

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... To get you moving off the line! :angry:

Never tried it in the Esprit either!

Do it a lot in the Metro - both up and downshifitng.

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Think Toua was reading the reliability thread, where i mentioned

driving my S3 home with no clutch (hydrolics busted). Not easy and

not recommened, scary at junctions where you are trying to roll slowly

rather than stop.

It's not a driving style Toua, just something to get you out

of trouble as a last resort.


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I did a 15 mile trip without a clutch when the cable clutch in my earlier years of driving. It was a dodgy old Escort I didn't mind ruining so I stalled at junctions in gear and then cranked it in gear to get going again! Not recommended in a car you give a hoot about!

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As Bibs says, getting under way involves engaging first gear with the engine stopped, then cranking the starter whilst in gear and driving away. Changing up is done by lifting right off the throttle and moving the lever to the next gear, a bit of mechanical sympathy helps, you can "feel" the next gear engage. Changing down is just like double-declutching, but you don't use the clutch! Move your feet like you were double-declutching, but don't push the clutch down - this sorts out the timing and revs pretty well.You can "double-declutch" on the upward changes, too, by just hesitating between gears and not increasing the engine rpm. Stopping is done by slipping into neutral before coming to a halt; then you're back to "engine-off-engage-first-gear-crank-and-away"

once more. If you're stuck with a dead clutch and a cold engine, it works better if you warm it up before you start trying to crfank the engine in gear. Also, keep thinking,it's very easy to forget and do the wrong thing!

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