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S1 Wolfrace Wheels

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Hey all,

I am looking for an original set of S1 wolfrace wheels, front and back, they dont have to have tires on and can be in any condition as long as they can be reconditioned and are not destroyed or suffering from major kurb rash

I am however looking to be able to import them to South Africa as I stay there and need them here (obviously, hehe)

So if any 1 is selling a set or know's some 1 interested in selling a set and they would be willing to post them to me (I will pay the postage costs) then I would GREATLY APPRECIATE that :)

please give me a shout on here, or on my email at [email protected]

Many thanx guys

(I posted a topic a while back trying to restore a S1 that had been butchered into a turbo, and have decided to rescue it back to an Original S1, so these are needed, Im still busy with the resto so please keep ur eyes peeled for me if any 1 see's a set surface somewhere, they are not life or death atm but I do need em sooner rather than later :) )

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Thanx for the reply man, I really appreciate, would you believe that I missed them by about 5min (the auction had just ended when I checked this :( ) I can kick myself a 1000 times over cause I know these are incrediably hard to find and at that price with the centre caps it looks like a steal

Please if any 1 else finds a set anywhere drop me a mail or post here, many many thanx, will check this thread DAILY :)

thanx guys


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