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Replacement of the ABS accumulator

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Ok, so I finally got round to buying a new accumulator. I really got fed up of the ABS light flashing all the time.

For once, perfect timing ruled! The accumulator arrived yesterday, the day after the ABS packed in. I was driving along on Wednesday and the ABS light stopped flashing to stay permanently lit, as did the red brake light. A quick push on the pedal confirmed what I feared: no brakes! Well, I still did have brakes, but God, did I have to push hard on the pedal! It was like having lost all brake assistance.

I got back home and decided to try and get the brakes to work. More then 40 pushes on the pedal did not do anything. I visually checked the pads, the ABS system, I could not find anything. I decided to check the brake fluid. When I opened the little container, there was like a pressure call and some fluid spilled over. Still, the tank appeared full to the very top and I simply closed it.

Back in the car, I put the ignition on again and I heard the well-known bzzzz noise of the brake pump filling up the accumulator. I pressed the brake pedal, heard a litlle noise, felt like a notch and it was back to normal. ABS + brake lights gone.

I was able to drive the car for the best part of yesterday but the problem returned: ABS + brake lights permanently on, followed not long later on by loss of brakes. I cured the problem again but it again returned today. I guess the accumulator has totally packed in and it's time I replace it.

The trouble is I don't know how to do it. Is there a simple procedure or should I take the car to my local specialist? I'm just a little scared of driving the car around with brakes failing at any time. If it's a fairly easy thing to do, then I'm up to try it.


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Easy, with the key off, depressurize the system by pressing the pedal 40 times as you did before. Unscrew the accumulator using a 17mm wrench. Lubricate a new o-ring with brake fluid and install the new accumulator. Bleed the brakes.

That's pretty much it. Put a rag under the unit when you remove the old one as a small amount of fluid will come out.

Torque spec on the accumulator is 23-26 lbs/ft., 31-35NM

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