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LEAKED : Paris 2010 : Lotus new Esprit, Elan, Elite & Elise

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I'll be really interested in knowing when they expect the different cars to be launched. I'd guess either the Esprit or Elise to be coming first (Elise because I doubt they will want just the existing Elise S as the sole car for too long, Esprit as it is a niche not currently served).

The Eterne looks very interesting and I hope it will be priced so that I can persuade the Mrs that we don't need to go down the Panamera route anytime soon.

I guess the Elan is based heavily on the Evora (ie a new engine and restyle). Please let it (or all of them) drive like the Evora.

A second Elise (or maybe an Elan) in 2012 would be very nice and would solve the 'how to take the family away for the weekend' problem quite nicely. This time please let's have an airbag switch for front-travelling children.

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Elan Elite Elise Esprit Eteme New Elan New Elise New Esprit New Elite

These are awesome looking cars !!!!!!! Definitely carrying on the tradition. WOULD LOVE TO DRIVE THEM !

When I was a teenager, back in the seventies, I really aspired to all things Lotus, especially the Esprit of course. I would imagine that most of the current teenagers will now do the same again -

Posted Images

I dunno??? Mixed feelings. I do like them, but with so many supercars and radical designs on the market today, I think I've become desensitised to what is wow! Everything is all a bit samie nowadays. I liked the Elite on first impressions, but now seeing the others, you could paint them red, put a Ferrari badge on them and people would believe they were Ferrari's. They all just looks like a wide Enzo nose front end.

Not being a first time buyer I don't have to worry, but it seems ashame that it's only city bankers who will be able to enjoy the fruits of Lotus now (except city car), as it will be some years before serious depreciation and all other not so well off fans of the brand can buy one, even the Elise looks like Evora money price tag.

As for the Esprit, not exactly what I expected and not as radical as the original one apearing in 1975. If I had that sort of money to spend then an Aston Martin DB9 would be drawing me, I would have to think before parting with my cash. Maybe seeing it in the flesh may change that opinion, but being a several generation down the line owner, I'm sure they don't give two figs what I think.

Conclusion: Nice designs, would consider one if I could ever afford one, but nothing we haven't seen before from other manufacturers, but if you are Lotus brand only, then they now have some nice cars to pick. Again, I like the Evora, but at least these don't look like a bigger Elise.

Someone sent me these shots of the Esprit.



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?? ..does it mean the company gets 'busted' in the meantime the sales on the EVORA will drop, if everone wait and lusted for the new cars :harhar:


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Ok so they are moving away from the Lotus cars that we know and love but could the company continue to survive on the current range much longer?

For me I see it as part of the evolution of Lotus.

Colin Chapman wanted to move away from the kit car image of the early cars…… and compete against Ferrari etc……

Lotus now want to distance themselves from the reliability and finish issues that some of the current cars may have, go upmarket…….and compete against Ferrari etc…..

Funny how things go round.

Still a place for an Exige/Elise type pocket rocket in my mind tho.

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:animier: Wow thanks Owen that Esprit look so fantastic! I couldnt care less if it looks like Ferarri or Lambo or an Aston. I just think it looks a real head turner! All of the cars do IMO and I would love to have any of them. The think about not having Lotus DNA I dont know what you are going on about? I dont think any of the folded paper cars look like the earlier cars or like the more recent cars! The only design theme that runs through any of them is they look low and fast!

I know the bigger engines are going to make the cars heavier but with all that power I think it becomes less relavant. I mean how many of us have always wanted more power?

Talking price I know many of us cant afford the new cars but hey ho I was never going to be able to buy a new Lotus....give me 25 years and I maybe able to buy one. If i came into money I would buy one if they handle as well as they look.

Buddsy :thumbsup:


"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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So, great line up, great PR, great plan but an end to Lotus as we know it.

Took the words from my mouth - I've been wanting to say that for a while but seems like I'm in a huge minority.

I can understand how G car owners feel now hahahahah :D

Can you expect anyone of these new owners to be at a Lotus meet like Snetterton and associate themselves with £10 grand car owners ?

I doubt it. It's going to be like F1 next season LOL - the fans choice and then big corperate backing.

- Nice pics Owen, again mixed feelings, looks OK to me, but just that - OK.

I mean it's just a gallardo hit with the soften brush and an Evo 10 front end

Its not the new Esprit at all - it's a new car called the Esprit - it carries none of the design cues or similarities from the old car.

Theres no evolution there, its a new car.

More pics of the new Esprit.



....and really in 3-5 years by the time this gets built, Ferrari and Lambo will have moved on (probably just to spite Lotus) they'll have fresh cars out which Coco will have to copy - the'll give up on it and go..."hmmm we should make a light weight sports car for the masses....." What an excellent idea Mr Bahar.

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Must admit I like them all. If a bit of weight has been added, if it's evenly distributed and still on a fundamentally brilliant chassis platform, Joe Citizen is never going to notice it. Actually, Joe Citizen can't afford this. The people that can afford this are even less likely to notice an extra bit of weight and if they're coming from the opposition, odds are the car is lighter than their previous car anyway. (or let's hope that anyway)

People on here muck about with exhausts to make their car sound better/louder/throatier. No-one on here seems to have a go at someone that unbolts the Lotus 4 and sticks in an Audi or BMW engine. They give the big thumbs up and 'well done to you' and 'wish I had the skill/balls', so how come when Lotus do it, it's not a good thing? As for styling, that HAS to change every so often or lots of us would be seeing an identical car eventually that would blow the socks off our cars. (oh, except for Karl cos' no-one's car looks like his. :) )

I bought an Esprit 'cos I always wanted one. Would I buy one of these? If I had the money?

In a heartbeat... I just have no idea which one

Just my 2c worth.

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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I must be honest - I have logged on 3 times today to look at these cars .Obviously the big seller will be the Elise and possibly the Elan ,being low and intermediate.

This is an exciting challenge for Lotus and I believe that they have risen to the occasion .

I hope the cars continue a legacy of handling / performance and I personally believe that the late Mr Chapman will be proud of what has been achieved .


Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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Just seen the pictures of the new Jaguar C-X75 concept...

Have Lotus and Jaguar swapped designers?

Jaguar have designed something that looks more like a Lotus and Lotus have designed Jaguars/Aston Martins

So far for the new Lotus management team - C+ - Must try harder.

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I should wait and see if they actually (all) get built first

Also what is the time frame on each model? for instance if the Esprit is 2 years down the line, Mclaren and Ferrari will have moved the goal posts a long, long way. The MP4-12C is supposed to be light years ahead of the Ferrari and is not even out yet!.

As Regards price, I dont think Lotus have ever been cheap cars, I think mine had a ticket of around 38K in 1988, hardly for the average man. I have one as it was cheap(ish) preowned. The (70's) Elite was built to push Lotus upmarket.

You have to accept we have old cars, they only stayed current as the production run was so long. And I mentioned along time ago on here that I can see the Factory support slowly being withdrawn for the older cars.

Can't say any of theses new ones really rock my world to be honest.

Amateurs built the Ark

Professionals built the Titanic

"I haven't ridden in cars pulled by cows before" "Bullocks, Mr.Belcher" "No, I haven't, honestly"

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Just seen the 15 mins live webcast. I think all of the new cars look stunning and are real pin up dream machines. Loving numbers like 450 - 620 BHP and the prospect of a V8 soundtrack. Sadly they are several years from production and will be well beyond my spending power when they arrive. By time they become affordable to me (Lottery winnings aside) I'll be too old to be able to get in and out...which is sad. But I say again....stunning....and with a Lotus badge. I really hope those that can, do, and have a great time in them.

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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So what we are all saying is we like the cars but want them to massively depreciate so we can have one one day. We all wanted the Esprit back and secretly wanted it to look like an updated version of our cars, and it doesn't. Nobody really likes change but you have to have change to move forward.

The real test is if these are real drivers cars because that's what the motoring press will be wanting and will slate them if they are not. Personally I think they look stunning, and priced about right to attract the upmarket owner Lotus must appeal to, to survive. I cant wait to go to Paris in a couple of weeks time to see them in the flash :unworthy:

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I tend to lump marketeers in with hairdressers and telephone sanitizers as per "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". Send them off in a ship and keep the engineers behind (the doers).

Lots of video fluff on the website . Lets see what's really delivered. (years away)

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From what I understand the ultra low CO2 figures are from hybrids. If the weight is also from the hybrid variant, that is not so bad; if the weight is from the petrol only, but the CO2 from a hybrid, that is a bit poor

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Ok so they are moving away from the Lotus cars that we know and love but could the company continue to survive on the current range much longer?

I don't think they could of. The market is just so niche and profit margins are just way too slim. Broadening the range appeal really was the only way to secure the companies future. There is a still a market for a sparingly equipment go-kart road racer but it needs to be complimented by alternative stable mates, beyond the Evora.

I recall listening to comments made by the 'baby boomers' when Lotus ceased production of the Elan and the Europa and introduced the Elite, Eclat and Esprit. Comments very similar to the less than favorable ones posted on this thread were common. 'Where's the Lotus DNA. Lotus ain't Lotus anymore. They've ruined it.'. Time will tell if these new cars were the right choices for Lotus to make but it certainly has propelled them into the limelight and positioned them firmly center stage for the Paris Motor Show.

Well done Lotus.

Cheers, Gavin

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Not being too moved by the new Lotus lineup and prompted by an earlier posting, I've just had a look at the new Jaguar Breathtaking, THAT is....and the engineering...twin gas turbine generators to provide charge to the lithium ion batteries and a 195hp electric motor at each wheel...cor!

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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Lovely cars but its a pity that they are just like every other supercar with overpowered engines. They don't look like Lotuses and bet they don't sound like my Esprit. Just as long as they don't sound like washing machines they will probably sell in small numbers but I wouldn't trade mine in for one

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I hate bad marketing and this was bad marketing!

Cars are not really my cup of tea!

Lotus is mimicking Aston by giving its range the same basic look! But the engines except for the V8 are all underwhelming!


The Esprit is hot but it does feel like it had a last minute nip & tuck to fit with the rest of the future line up!

The Elan 4L V6 feels TVRish to me

The Elise 2L 4cyl has a cool iinterior but weighs 2409 pound = major FAIL!

The Elite, I like it, cause it's a consensual and cohesive Luxury GT package

The Eterne is not as beautiful as a Fisker Karma = Fail! And it needs another name!

In other words buy an Evora S now cause it's for sure going to be a collector! I'm happy cause I'm small which means I can get myself an Elise and I won't feel cramped in it!

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I wouldn't say this was bad marketing in any way - it was extremely slick. OK all the graphics were CG and could have come straight from a computer game, but it hardly looked like a "small british company constantly in financial trouble making plastic cars from a shed in Norfolk" - not my view but one I am sure is held by many. All the presentations had the target market reflected in them.

Staggeringly ambitious, all that work in a year? Amazing.

All cars (to an extent!) look the same so it was inevitable there was some Lambo & Aston in the mix. Brilliant idea re-using so many classic names from the past.

Have to say my faves are the Elise and Elan. I was really hoping the Esprit would be like the Ford GT/Fiat 500 and be a modern retro, but guess it had to fit the familly.

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Just watched the show.

I see what they have done, I respect that - I can understand why the management have erased what Lotus was and shifted it up a gear - however this sadly alienates the current owners imo which is obviously what they want but not a good thing.

I HATE the new face on the Esprit / Elan / Elise, its unimaginitve and crap, they look like Evos or new Fords. One of the Lotus trades is that half smile inlet - now it just looks grumpy and angry.....shite

The wing mirrors - shite, they look awful. Ive never seen a car company totally destory it's herritage as Lotus have done - its sad, even when the Elise was penned by Julian Thompson he kept some of the iconic Lotus traits in there from the Elan and Europa. Coco has in effect flushed that down the pan, which imo is a mistake and a bit shit to say the least - thats my opinion of DNA. Everyones making light sports cars now - that doesnt make DNA - DNA is your herritage and traits including design cues which are really important to a brand. Nothing from these new cars would make you think - Oh that's probably a Lotus, Lambog/Audi maybe but not an iconic British sportcar - sad.

Apart from that...

Esprit 7/10

Yeah I'll go with that - looks good, esp from the side. I'd have liked it to be a bit more outlandish and a sharper nose (ie the Evoras nose)

Hate the head lights, dont get the idea of a panther or the spead of sound branding (someone on the drugs there). 600+ hp = at least 150 big ones so thats nice - not that I'd want one anyways - I'd have a Murcielargo any day.

Its nice from the side, back end is cool, ruined by the silly gob and the Audi R8 esque bits of trim confusing the shape of it........damn it sod off with those things !

Elan 4/10

Sorry, hate it - all it is, is a mini Esprit - it screams "I CANT AFFORD THE ESPRIT !!"

Its the Cayman of the bunch the 910, they would have done better to offer a 'lite' Esprit imo - to make is SOOO similar in design is a failure imo - they should have made the car different that it's bigger brother.

Either this is too much like the Esprit or the Esprit isn't crazy enough - cant make my mind up. Still its the car I'd most likely walk away with one day - how strange is that ?!

I was terribly confused when Bahar said it was inspired by the Type 79.........had he been smoking before hand ? (anyone explain that ?)

Elise 1/10

I hate it more than the Elan ! :lol:

The Elise was a revelation, nothing looks like it. Its what boxster in the lineup.

All the great design and inlets have been smoothed over with a trowel and plaster - and that gob is 2x more effecitve at looking crap than it is on the other 2.

Again all that contrasting black trim makes me feel lost when looking at the car's lines.

Its what the MR2 MK3 did to that line of the car - ie it didnt fit in at all.

Elite 8/10

I'm getting this now - much better lights, love the folding top - still looks like 90% of other cars in its class after the front wheels but hey ho.

I like how they marketed this with the video - made by far the most sense.

The other one 4/10

It's just an Elite with 2 more doors, nothing more.

Its the Panamera of the bunch (theme running here) but thankfully prettier.

Dont really care - not interested in it, never will be.

Bit confused at the whole thing really - some crazy stuff going on with the lights and so on, I dont get the jingles for the cars much either.

There ya go I am an official "purist" now :fun:

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Hi all yelp they have gone over board to me it looked like reworked esprit ?

I hope this does not go like TVR ??thumbdown.gif

Here a link i borrowed from LDC web page sorry if its loaded somewhere else .

Eddie .

The new model launch from the Paris Motor Show.

Five brand new models on the way....

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