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LEAKED : Paris 2010 : Lotus new Esprit, Elan, Elite & Elise

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Sorry if this repeats as my last response apparently disappeared in the ozone. Essentially I'm mot impressed with video game "futures" for jet set clients.

Show me the first "Stig dujour" actual thrashing video of the real deal. While Lotus is promising Lambo/Ferrari like cars for the future, what do you thing the actual cars from Lambo and Ferrari that they will compete against will look like in a few years? Hopefully the Lotus cars won't be "yesterday's news" by then.

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Elan Elite Elise Esprit Eteme New Elan New Elise New Esprit New Elite

These are awesome looking cars !!!!!!! Definitely carrying on the tradition. WOULD LOVE TO DRIVE THEM !

When I was a teenager, back in the seventies, I really aspired to all things Lotus, especially the Esprit of course. I would imagine that most of the current teenagers will now do the same again -

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johnathon you have gone mental LOL. your opinion etc etc so thats cool

but 4/10 for the elan,,,,,noooooooo its prob the best car tbh (but i would still have the esprit if i had the cash as you would have too lol)

anyway i havent read all comments but the line up is awesome and hasnt anyone picked up on the coolest

addition to all the cars, the WING MIRRORS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOTUS dont just put them on for show

there amazing and i assume there are tiny screens inside the cars as there cams on the ourside

all in all, YES they are lambo esk but thats always been the case and the way there have to go but now there

a proper threat to the big boys and go for it.


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I'm in Lotus heaven!!!!

I love the stylings, the range looks amazing, a really brave and inspiring plan for the future of the company. As much as I love the marque they have to move on, sure the new Elise is lardy by todays comparison, but then the Elise has come a long way and it's great to see it has a future.

I can't wait.... time to start putting a bit of dosh aside!

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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Well said, Jon.

Oddly, I happen to like the Elan the most. That annoys me, because I don't like the original Elan, and now my favorite of the new lineup has the Elan name. Oh well.

With the Esprit, yes, it looks good -- best, I'll say -- from the side. The rear engine/hatch area (buttresses) is just reminiscent enough of the original but is in no way retro. I like the curved back glass that appears to become engine bay glass. My biggest complaint about the new Esprit styling is the lights -- they are too beedy, too Audi-like, and it looks like they are trying to make the car look too mean. The tail lamps, too -- they should be just a bit larger. The front nose looks too Japanese/Mitsubishi/Mazda/etc.

But they did get the overall shape right -- from a distance (i.e. the video), the front looks properly Esprit, yet thoroughly new. . . .just when it's up close you see the headlamps . . .

My only gripe about the shape is the roof line at the top of the side glass -- not a level/straight portion at all? Going from sloping up right to sloping back down? Maybe it will grow on me, but this is the main reason why I like the new Elan better -- the line of the side windows.

I do give Lotus props for the rear of the new Esprit -- exotic cars today are too blocky and chunky at the rear (I realize they have crash safety concerns to design around), and Lotus managed to taper the back off effectively to not make it chunky like an LF-A or such.

The Elise is just a mess. I think the Elise started out pretty and has gotten uglier with every revision. The current Elise looks like an insect compared to the first. This one looks like a space alien (in a bad way). And at 2400 lbs, it defeats the purpose of the Elise.

I like the new Esprit. Not as much as the old one. Funny thing, though, if I compare new Esprit to Ferrari 458 and original Esprit to Ferrari 308, they compare very similarly -- there is more detail to the Ferrari's design on both, more purity and sense to the Lotus design on both. My reaction to both is similar: Initially I would think I would prefer the Ferrari design, but it is just too much -- kind of overdone in the lines and details and curves -- while both are exciting to look at, the Lotus is easier on the eyes before too long.

As for the new Elite -- I think it's great. The lines and proportions may be similar to the current Aston/Jag/etc. and future Porsche grand tourer, but I think they all missed the mark an Lotus hit the bull's eye. I don't care too much for front engined GTs, but I would rank the new Elite among the best looking front engined GTs ever.

Edited by Tony K

Tony K. :)


Esprit S1s #355H & 454H

Esprit S2.2  #324J

1991 Esprit SE

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I like them all and like the new direction the company is going in, its not about appealing to 5-10000 die hards fans who own past models and who love the previous stuff, this is about attracting lots and lots of new owners and new dreamers to the brand. There have been many more positives in this thread than nay-sayers, that to me says they are getting it right.

Now jump forward to 2020 and there will be a second hand high tech lotus in the 15k, 25k, 35k, 50k and 60k price bracket. This means at least the bottom two will be in my price range which excites me, in five years time a new elan may be a possibility. Each of the new cars fits with well defined car segments, if they perform as good as they look then Lotus will be here for a long time. More of the same was never going to cut it. I know quite a few guysat work who have splashed out 40-60k on new M3's RS4's Porkers etc and now they will have new choice. If the build quality is good and drive and handling matches or surpasses what the germans and italians put out there then these cant fail. Sure there will be enthusaists for the classic Lotuses and by all accounts Lotus are building a new heritage museum so they are not abandoning their past. There will always be a network of independants looking after our current cars if the main dealers move away from them but its not a dead cert that they will. Fezza dealers are few in number but will always service and fix the old models, why wouldnt Lotus do the same.

For once Lotus didnt look at the glass as half full, instead they have topped it up, be optomistic poeple, the new models are showing a bright future is ahead.

These new models are going to set off kids of today dreaming about owning a Lotus, just like it did for many of us on here during the 70's 80s and 90's.

It looks like i need to start saving a deposit :)

Edited by Alex --GT3--
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Wow.....................thats a remarkably bold move for Lotus but what can I say............... I love the range and as an enthusiast am sooo glad the company is back in the limelight again...

Just hope they can pull it off! Love the Elites roof ................The Esprit is a little disappointing (though I have only watched it once soo far.

Think we need to see these cars in the flesh and at the wheel before making any real opinions but I really really hope this brings Lotus to the fore.........

I was so glad the name came back to F1 .... now to rule the roads again too. ..................................................They should have had Hazel and Colin there though (or were they?)

I'm just off to me garage.......

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I like them all. I must say i would er towards the Elan. I think Lotus could just well have made a giant leap into the present and the future. It works for me because i would quite happily aspire to own what Lotus has presented on offer in Paris.

Whilst I have always been luke warm towards the Evora, these representations float my boat. I want one of them. Show me the prices Danny.

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Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

Lotus Espirt Turbo S3    

Lotus Esprit S4 

Lotus Elise S2 Sport 130


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I just had another look at them all, they all move me, make my heart beat faster than when the Evora was launched. I honestly dont know which I would choose if money were no object, maybe the Elan? but obviously I should say the Esprit but the Etneme looks regal!

So is the Elan the Evora in new clothes? If it is and keeps the Evoras mechanical handeling and pace it would be a great car.


P.S. Bibs being there what do you think of the cars in the flesh and how the company feels right now?


"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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I like them all. I must say i would er towards the Elan....

Whilst I have always been luke warm towards the Evora, these representations float my boat. I want one of them. Show me the prices Danny.

Funny you should say that... I've just watched the video on the Lotus site, is the new Elan based on the Evora? At certain angles it could just be.

As I said before I'm a fan of 'New Lotus' but what are they thinking with that yoof market Elise video? S..S..Sampling, phat beats and graffiti ....the insurers must be rubbing their hands at the thought of those premiums.... innit? wallbash.gif

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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As a young man I had a secret love affair with the Esprit for many years.

At that time however I could not afford myself this Lotus financially.

But I kept in love over the years and finally was able to go to my bank and could arrange to raise my mortgage with 100 percent; the money required to buy a mint 3 year old 15.000 mls Esprit Turbo SE (at GBP 51.000,-; second hand in 1993; new price that time in the Netherlands was already GBP 142.000,-).

As a safetyprecaution I did also check the balance between my income and monthly costs/payments over 2 years to make sure that I would not be forced to sell my Esprit, house or both.

Since 1993 I have my Esprit in the garage and every day since then was a better day.

In the meantime my house is free of any kind of mortgage and I even have sufficient cash available to buy a.o. one of these new Lotus models.....................however strange..................and very pity............. they do not hit my soul with that 1000 Volt as the Esprit did in 1993..............why not............maybe it is not their fault, but mine.

I am still interested in Lotus in general etc. etc, this will not change I think; however the new models do not contribute in any warm feeling or excitement towards the Company.

I doubt a little whether these new models will come on the market at the predicted time or ever or not..............we will see.............I am sorry to say that I feel no reel excitement these days.

Best regards,


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Wow, what a new and fresh look.:unworthy:

Being a G-car owner I can really appreciate the folded paper look. :animier:

The sad thing is that with the totally hillarious taxes we have on cars with even a smidgeon of an engine in this country, I am not likely to be able to afford any of these cars in the near future. For example, the price for a new Elite will be in the region of 250-300 tousand pounds.:thumbdown:

(Does anyone have a vacancy for an IT consultant/Project Manager in a country where car prices are normal?)

I'm not really a fan of the soft curves of the Evora, so the move towards more angular shapes is great. I also like the more agressive looks.

I also like that they have toned down the large rear area. I was never a fan of the oversized "hips" on the Evora.

Definately a look for the future. Lets just hope Lotus doesn't brake its back financially from this.


And the mirrors are just for show. I don't think they will make it into production. Pity though.


Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today - James Dean

"If it isn't leaking, it's empty" - Comment from a British sportscar enthusiast after being made aware of an oil slick under his car

Lotus Car Club Norway (LCCN) -

LCCN on Facebook -!/groups/LotusCarClubNorway/

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So having announced his computer generated dreams all Mr Bahar has to do now is

a) Build the cars

b) At a competitive price

c) At the right quality, and

d) Persuade customers to swerve away from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Aston Martin.

Sadly, I think he's lost his mind.

I'll be absolutely delighted if Lotus can make a genuine success of just one of these cars, never mind the daft reveal of a whole nonexistent range.

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So you've seen them in the clay Graham....which one is to be first on the drive at Pilko Towers? Looks like an embarassment of riches to me, but Elan or Espirt still have it for me over the GTs .... judging from the pics.

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Very mixed feelings...

on one hand I will miss the stripped out cars and the very individual nature of pre yesterday Lotus. the current Elise and Evora are almost masterpieces.

on the other. The Esprit is awesome, the Elan a potential big seller and the new Elise..... not as appealing in the way I desired it, but potentially still very exciting. The Eterne is very beautiful and I would even love the city car, as long as it is a high tech range extender that shames the very conservative MINI. Fundamentally these cars could produce the profits to allow Lotus to continue.

I just hope they resolve the differences with the F1 team as I want a reasonable link between the two. I think Tony Fernandes and Mike Gascoyne are doing a wonderful job so they should be supported not undermined as they have been.

Oh and they should try to displace Aston Martin as the new Bond car when MGM is finally sorted out!!!

And finally I think I should add that Colin Chapman himself took Lotus up market with the Elite, Eclat and Esprit in the 70's when Lotus was still a force in motor racing, so this isn't completely out of order...

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