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LEAKED : Paris 2010 : Lotus new Esprit, Elan, Elite & Elise

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Guest surferphil

Underneath each one of these design concepts, is a beautiful car trying to get out. Shame those beautiful cars are already out there with other brands badges on. Apart from the Elan; to which I prefer the Evora (which should have been called Elan anyway IMHO).

This is what happens when a bunch of 14 year olds get to design 'A supercar'; There isn't a beautiful car there. Just looks like a load of old supercar designs gone angular.

Why have a lotus when you can have the real thing? Lotus now means Poor mans super car

I can't belive I am writing this, I really can't and anyone who knows me knows how much I love LOTUS Cars and Engineering.

What I've written sounds like a grumpy old man doesn't it!? But these concept cars will never be in production for less than £200K with quality components achieving those specs. The maths are pye in the sky - un achievable performance specs for any where near that price.

Just as the world was starting to think like Chapman, Lotus start thinking like the world did when Chapman was alive. Still, Mclaren and Jaguar are finally looking good :)

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Elan Elite Elise Esprit Eteme New Elan New Elise New Esprit New Elite

These are awesome looking cars !!!!!!! Definitely carrying on the tradition. WOULD LOVE TO DRIVE THEM !

When I was a teenager, back in the seventies, I really aspired to all things Lotus, especially the Esprit of course. I would imagine that most of the current teenagers will now do the same again -

Posted Images

Graham, you're a saint for providing those. Many thanks.:)

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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First off, I am amazed at the offerings. I am amazed at the breadth of a product line Lotus are putting out there on show. I am amazed at the finished quality of the show cars and detail of their design in "prototype" form. I am amazed that it all took less than a year, and clearly from a point that all of the designs that must've been on the board during MJK's tenure have been completely binned. I commend the Lotus design and development crew for an amazing accomplishment.

Secondly, I am disappointed. I am disappointed that Lotus have taken a path of emulation rather than innovation. The designs, though fresh for Lotus, do not seem to break much new ground. The Esprit form is elegant enough, certainly blows away all of the preceding photoshops and suppositions, though those were all based on pre-existing Lotus design elements. The Elan seems to take the design elements to optimum proportions. And the Elise just looks chunky. I am completely unable to imagine this Elise in track day guise. I believe the Elise has not "matured," but lost it's identity. I am disappointed that the design philosophy among the product line is one of "stretch it, fatten it, add a set of doors, put the engine in the front..." Sure, Aston are doing it, and Porsche, and BMW, and Audi, and... On the road I already have trouble telling an A6 from an A8, and a 3 series from a 5 series. Oh, one's bigger. Fine. But it's hardly innovative.

Thirdly, I'm waiting. I'm waiting to hear what makes them better cars, and better Lotus cars. All the supposed planned motorsport activity is great, but why should I want a Lotus on Monday? What is the design and engineering underpinning these cars? Why should I care about a 2400 lb Elise, even if it has a bigger motor? What makes them uniquie, what makes them a Lotus? How will these cars feel to drive? Porsche proved long ago that you can build a very fast pig. No need for Lotus to now re-prove the theory. Roger's not around any more to sort it out. Maybe Matt can help, if he still has/wants a job. They've proven they can design cars that look good in GT5. The work's not done.

The Evora seems all of a sudden obsolete. And the SC's not even warm yet. And Elise/Exige? Sorry, Mom and Dad have sold the house and cashed the retirement account and are going off to see the world. Yer on yer own now!

Lastly, though, there was one shining moment in all of the fanfare, dazzle, and silver cars. The feature gives at least a glimmer of hope, wasted on the chunky Elise, though and better suited for the Esprit. It was, of course, TARTAN! FTW!!


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To me the only one that looks a real dud is the Elise. It is not a minimalist two seater sportscar with compromise being towards luxury rather than weight. Given the choice of a Boxter spyder or an Elise 2015 at the same price point, the Lotus would have to be truely exceptional to get my money. All the chunky trim puts it more in the same market as hot hatches, which will be so much cheaper. Last attempt at a more luxurious Elise was a commercial flop (europa) shame as it looked to be a very good car

Lots of expensive carbon parts on display though

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Something's missing:

I can't find displays for the camera mirrors on the pics - anybody seen them?


I expect words like "delayed" and "canceld" will be used more often here... sorry

Think postive: Elan for me!

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We all live in a world these days that has too much of everything. Too many people, too many tastes, too many smells, too many sounds, too many cars.

This applies also to their design. At least this is what I feel when looking at all 5 new Lotus Models. I feel sensually overloaded. Too much of everything within the group.

My eyes can't focus properly on a single car, as I see so many of the same design features in all of them.

We all got used to a mainstream shape for cars in general, which most people find appealing.

It resembles the so called "Zeitgeist" of our era.

Just remember what happens when you rigidly stick to your philosophy : Citroen DS, VW K70, NSU Ro 80 etc.

Designs, both in shape and or technology far ahead of the bunch but not really appealing to the majority at their time.

There seems to be very little room today for every car maker in trying to blend new ideas in with the Zeitgeist, yet keeing the DNA design features to sell the product.

Back in the 60s and 70s it was different. One could clearly define different marques. Just by the lights for instance.

Try this today on the road. No chance, due to the design blend caused by the above mentioned car maker/models overkill.

IMO Lotus made a mistake not with their new design language but rather by showing too many models at the same time

The new Esprit is probably the best interpretation of the original and would have been enough to manifest the new era.

By implementing the wedge shape in the past, Lotus is definitely closer to Lamborhgini than to Ferrari in design for the Esprit.

The new Esprit has lots of freshly interpreted design features of the classic car, which really surprised me. Good job Lotus.

The other important car is the Eterna, as it is a future trend, not to be missed. Plus : there is still room for more ducks on the pond.

Elan and Elite are probably the most unnesseccary models of the bunch as their ancestors did not really succeed in their time.

I like the new Esprit as said above and would consider buying one, Just don't know if it can look the same, once it hopefully comes off the production line in 4 years time.


Mind if I cut in ?

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^ I wouldn't go that far! They move, but drivable is some way off!

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

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What actually powers these concept cars. (electric motors?) There is no engine noise mellow.gif

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I can't help but look at the new elise and think "honda civic" - hell even the centre console looks similar.

The gap between the Elan and Esprit is a bit close - which suggests the esprit will be silly cash (150k) and the Elan about 911/R8 money.

Oh, I bet the carbon wheels of the esprit don't make production ;-)

That being the case the Elan will have some very stiff competition as although not to my taste the german cars are incredibly capable on and off the track.

If it were me I'd be pitching the Esprit against the 911 turbo - pretty much the benchmark for supercar slaying (I'm not counting the GTR as I think thats a car in a class of 1).

With the new mclaren and 458 along with the never ending gallardo LP editions the 150-200k market is just too tight.

The Elan would then slot in at the cayman/entry 911 and v8 R8. Having the 2+2 is a nice option for a car in this level.

Guess it means curtains for the evora but IIRC it was only scheduled to have a 6 year production life.

However the elise at the 45k mark is a tough one... Even if by some unrealistic miracle they get the engine they are quoting which would make it a fine car theres something niggling.

I've said it before but I think theres still a huge market for a 20-30k simple sports car. Not striped out minimalist but a "nice" car.

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What actually powers these concept cars. (electric motors?) There is no engine noise mellow.gif

New headline: "Lotus presents four new cars, that will perhaps be available with petrol engines, eventually as hybrid cars and are already available as zero emission electric cars"


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I like the Elise the least. No likey. Ugly bug. Where are the Estate versions? :sofa:

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

Lotus Espirt Turbo S3    

Lotus Esprit S4 

Lotus Elise S2 Sport 130


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The morning after the day before and I can see real sense in all of them. The Elite is a great interpretation of a car which is all too rare on the market - a 2+2 where there is at least some usable space in the back. The 456 is probably the only car Ferrari have made in the last 20 years I could see myself owning (decent packaging, pretty and without the stupid electronics - and here most common with a manual box). I'm 1m87 and can fit in the back of the 456 / 612 / Granturismo. The Eterne looks stunning and after seeing (and hearing - wow) a Rapide in a motorway tunnel between Lugano and Como recently again I think it's a segment with too few options. I wish the projected pricing was closer to a Panamera 4S rather than a well specced Turbo. If they produced a AWD version (it's on the option list) with the Elan engine as Panamera 4S prices it'd be a very strong contender - the Mrs already thinks the Porsche is a good option as the next family car. As it is I just can't see me spending that much on a car which is likely to depreciate pretty quickly. Hopefully others will as it will make a great second-owner buy.

The dark green Esprit that is on some photos looks great (I don't like white unless it's on a 73 RS Porsche). If you look at it, and at the proportions and some details like the air intake behind the driver window and buttresses you can see the original Esprit there. I think they've done a good job without falling into the retro trap. Think it will do well but I prefer sports cars not supercars.

The Elan has a very good chance of making it into my garage in late 2013. Great price and packaging and so much more exciting than a 911 which is probably the default choice at that level, and which I came very close to ordering last year.

The Elise will, if they can make it less of a fuss to get in and out of, do well with the target markets mentioned. For that I'm not sure the weight is such an issue for road driving. I doubt anyone drives the Evora on the road and then moans about the weight and it's 250kg more. As for price, I guess the SC has been the biggest seller in the last few years and many get specced with Sports and Touring packs which given a metallic paint comes close to GBP 40k.

They need to keep a 2-11 type car for track work, grass-route motorsport and for hard-core sunday morning runs, but there seems to be no suggestion that they won't.

Most of all though they need to ditch that stupid shaped thick steering wheel, or at least give us something like the current Elise / Exige / 2-11 one as an option. If they want to see a good competitor's one, try the GT3 RS one - joy to use (not quite upto the Lotus ones) and I like the little yellow stripe on tight hairpins.

Watching the foundations video on the site fills me with a great deal of hope with what they will instill into the cars in the future.

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The new Esprit has one more thing in common with the original: no air intakes for the engine! All these mid-engine beauties will have to grow some more air intakes before production... <_<

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I still like 'em all. :yes:

Especially the idea of a foldaway roof (though I did note that it doesn't look like the roof will go into the area that lifted in the rear). At least it looks great with the roof down unlike the esprit that had no roof.

I dread to think what sort of money they will be asking for here. A mid-road Evora is $158,000 so an esprit will be a king's ransom Aha a plan. Kidnap a king, ask for ransom, stash money in term deposit getting high interest, wait, withdraw and buy esprit.

Note to Self: Do not get caught, do not get thrown in jail.

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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I've kept quiet ever since all these announcements started from Hethel, other than to openly admit with introduction of the 124 “I don't get it”.

I had my first Lotus back in the 70's an S3 Elan, still my favourite car, one thing I have always enjoyed about Lotus, the clubs and the people you meet, none of them are up themselves ego tripping status seekers. Whilst there are those who have a Lotus because a Ferrari or Lamborghini is financially out of reach, I like to think the common trait amongst us is “ENTHUSIAST”, driving enthusiasts. OK so I define a sports car as something that has only 2 seats no roof, and few practical functions other than producing a broad grin on the drivers face. I'm talking about Lotus 7's, Morgans, even the Elan was getting a bit refined. I saw the release of the Elise as a reincarnation of the Elan, a return to what Lotus was about.

Of the new cars, doubtless fine looking high performance cars, not one open top, frankly all a bit Esprighini. Yes OK Lotus has a reputation for the ash tray or door handle falling off, just today I described Esprit ownership as a work in progress, but do want a boring dowdy girlfriend, or a fiery one. But yes build quality could improve, after all it's 2010 and we should be able to build cars that stay in one piece.

I look at all the announcements from Hethel over the last 6 months and start to feel like an orphan, and have become genuinely concerned at what is clearly a marketing direction to take on the Ferraris, Porches, Lamborghinis, but from what base, Lotus's core customer looks like being left behind. In 22 years time will an Evora owner still be able to have a conversation about the handling of his car with the factory that made it. (as I recently did)

On a commercial footing, this direction change is not going to produce black figures for some time, so Proton is going need a lot of patience and even deeper pockets. (I'm talking a decade)

Now all that is my view, there are people at Hethel that know far more than me about vehicle marketing, but I'm starting to feel even more motivated to hang onto my Esprit because there may never be another one.

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G man that video of the Esprit was really good - I was struggling to see what the black lines are fanning out form the engine bay - I can see that more clearly now that they are part of the rear deck.

Upto a 7.75 with the Esprit now....if only it had the evoras nose and wing mirrors.....

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