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History of 94' S4s, SCCFD30C0SHF61458

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SCCFD30C0SHF61458 went for $21,200 on eBay, Aug 26,2010. With all the upgrades and mods, IMO, should fetch more...Unless there is a story behind it.


Listing said:

"DRIVETRANE: New engine w/ 4000 mi on it (typically the 2.2 ltrs. that lose compression and are sold that way) this is a U.K. version so there are many differences Including high lift cams and different timing gears. Separately a HUGE Custom aluminum charge cooler which utilizes the factory a/c condenser as the cooling radiator (both about twice the factory size) and ceramic bearing turbo from W.C. . Engineering ( Larger injectors, fuel rail and electric fuel pump have been added. Rerouted cold air intake coupled w/ a b.o.v. cause this car to literally growl/snort between shifts. 5 speed manual transmission and aftermarket race clutch assembly. New clutch lines. The H.P. & Torque have been estimated at well over 550 h.p. Exhaust is handled through an updated exhaust manifold (most crack prior to this design) , Magnaflow full race muffler and cat omitted.

SUSPENSION: Fully Adjustable coil over assemblies lowering the car to 3 in the front (this can be raised back up to factory levels as desired). $4000.00 Custom made (build custom for this car) solid billet Kinesis 18 8.5 front & 11.5 Rear rims and new tires. HUGE brembo brakes, rotors and calipers...

PAINT AND BODY: FLAWLESS SHOWWORTHY $12,000.00 Four stage Lamborghini orange candy/pearl, complete disassembly paint job. The paint is pearl, candy & metallic orange. This is a combination of removing orange toners from the exact paint code from lamborgini until the desired caution orange pigment was achieved. If you have ever seen the lamborgini Orange and separately the yellow picture something in between the two. Painted by Lamborgini of Chicago. Front bumper cover was replaced with a a V8 cover (adding only the small lipped flares at each corner) the factory fender extensions and a 04 rear valance was added.Interior:Untouched except the steering wheel is replaced w/MOMO and a Elise push button starter was added. glass & Fiber glass matched tops, a/c compressor (a/c removed for weight savings and above charge cooler) tons of parts and extra top come with the sale.. hate to sell,, CAR STOPS TRAFFIC!!! ONE OF A KIND!! purchased a new home and the driveway is too steep for the nose of the car..."

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Why would you be surprised at the price? It's a chop shop special with so many obvious things wrong just from the photos, it's not funny.

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That car is not worth $11,200, let alone $21,200. The most recent seller only had it for a couple of months, it has been on ebay forever, and with good reason.

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All Federal S4s' have a VIN number ending with SHF63xxx where xxx is 000 or higher. Mine ends with SHF63000, the 1st S4s built.

That might be an S4 but not a S4s.



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Shame about the title problems,i suppose it depends on how well the car was put back together,bodywork aside ,the chassis may have been professionally reworked,if you were really intrested get an engineers report,bodywork is just fibreglass and a good bodyshop would be able to do a good repair so nothing too much to worry about there,engine well again an engineers report should if thorough be able to find major snags (unless he is pretty knowledgable on the Esprit and able to spot other easily missed things).If as the advert says the car is pushing 500 bhp then i would think its probaly got a different gearbox of some sort (Should be Renault type).But from the pics i think it looks nice on the outside. Price have no idea,but over here a standard S4s(in good nick and prodence) should get around £17 ish (not exactly sure on price to be honest).

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As someone else mentioned, it's worth about $11-12K with that history, and if you live anywhere that has strict emissions standards such as CA you'll never get it registered

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