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I was planning on going for the SC upgrade but if not being offered as a retofit will either trade for the S or perhaps go the NA route with an exhaust / map / breathing mods - Komotec are claiming 300HP and as said above the standard car isn't exactly slow.

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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Chrome Orange (as promised!)

Sports Pack

Tech pack

Close ratio gearbox

Sports Exhaust

Reversing camera

Body coloured handles (of course)

Black standard wheels

Hoping to get up the factory at some point in Oct / Nov to see it on the line, then hopefully I'll be picking it up in late Nov / early Dec.

Can't wait!

Exactly the same as mine! 2+2?

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Hang on - this isn't a new engine and this engine has been supercharged before.

Also the supercharger isn't stretching anything - it's not as if you're doubling the capacity of the engine as it's a relatively modest power boost.

Al it is down to is the lack of any realistic profit from selling the kits and Lotus would much prefer to sell a new car than a kit.

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Having done only 4,000 miles in my Evora (CR box and Sport bits) I'm still highly impressed with its "on the road" performance - as distinct from "on the spec. sheets" - and find it plenty fast enough, particularly when the revs spin up.

But although I feel no need for a retrofit SC conversion at the moment, I'm rather concerned at comments suggesting there may not be one. (I mean an official Lotus approved upgrade.) If that proves to be the case it will immediately affect resale values by closing off the option, and of course I may decide I want one in due course.

I wonder if there might be an airflow or cooling issue that is reflected in modifications in the SC car. Some while ago I did hear some mention of work being done on that aspect of the SC; now I wish I had paid more attention! If so it could be something not readily changed on standard Evoras. But I actually know nothing - does anyone?

EDIT: Yorkshire Inq. - thanks for that new information, albeit bad news. You posted above whilst I was writing!

Are the Evora S having front mounted oil coolers?, it could be a cooling concern like you said as I thought standard Evoras don't have front mounted coolers.

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Oil cooler is part of the Sport pack however some info I have seen says the sport pack add an "additional oil cooler". TBH - given the worldwide nature of the car I'd be surprised if it didn't have at least one cooler as standard.

Even then, it's no big deal to add a laminova oil/water cooler.

At the end of the day I've no doubt that theres no mechanical reason stopping the supercharger pack just that it's not commercially viable to offer one.

Lotus would have info on how many Exige/Elise owners made use of the supercharger retrofit and as above the market for the Evora will be tiny by comparison.

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I am not sure if these has been posted elsewhere.

I asked Andrew C if he could take a photograph of the engine bay of the Evora S for me when he was at the Paris Motor Show.

Very neat arrangement


As for the power hike and the difference this will make to the acceleration, if it is anything like the increased performance of the Elise SC over the standard car it will be stonking and in my opinion just what the car needs.

I can't wait to drive one.

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Looks as if Lotus knew there were problems...ooops characteristics with the gear linkage etc!!

"The most significant of these concerns the six-speed manual transmission. This remains as before internally but now features an improved shift mechanism, a lower inertia clutch, new shift cables and a redesigned pedal box to reduce pedal effort. The suspension and steering have also been preened in line with the increased performance, though not, Lotus insists, at the expense of the base car’s exquisite ride quality.

"And, thank the lord, the gearchange – though still not squeaky clean above 6000rpm – is approximately 15,000 times better than before. It glides through the gate with a much more precise, mechanical feel, one that actually adds rather than detracts from the car’s appeal."

An excellent review overall..oh why did I not wait 5 months for my new car?

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Topic For Investigation!

When was the revised gear change mechanism introduced?

Clearly some people have experienced gearchanging problems, including some notables. (Let's not argue about who they might be!) Others - perhaps only with the CR box - have not. The cases most widely publicised are those of media test cars, including the main road test by Autocar. It is possible - likely? - that those were early examples. (Please post any information regarding that.)

My car (CR) was built in May this year and, as I have previously posted, I have no such problems and certainly nothing calling for reduced pedal effort.

I'm wondering whether the changes now detailed in the Evora S review by Autocar were actually introduced quietly some while ago for CR box orders. Certainly it's not the sort of thing Lotus would want publicised to the buyers of the earliest vehicles if they were not planning a recall.

That would explain the different experiences reported.

Anyway I hope to find out whether my car has the modified version.

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The CR Evora that Bell & Colvill had recently had a much better gear change feel than the LE car drove there last year, so I suspect something had been changed there..

My car will be arriving in the next few days, so I'm certainly expecting this better box. Not sure if it will be the same as the S, but I would certainly hope so!

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