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Evora performance


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Hi all,

Can anyone satisfy my curiosity...?

The performance figures for the standard gearbox seem to be readily available, however I can't find any detail on the impact of the close ration box.

I understand the 0-60 figure will remain unchanged as 1st and 2nd are the same ratio. But I assume the 0-100 would be quicker, the top speed would be lower, and (perhaps irrelevantly) the combined economy will be worse.

Thanks in advance!


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The Autocar main road test used the CR box. (The only one to have in my view.) That is the issue of 26th August 2009. It has what are probably the most comprehensive set of numbers you will find. Reproduction is specifically prohibited though, and as I don't fancy finding myself at the centre of a test case.....................sorry!

As a comment though, the test report complains about the gear change on the test car and says that this affected the acceleration figures. It was an early car of course, though some such comments are still being made. I find my CR change absolutely fine, including for quick changes. I have spoken with others, including one who is far quicker on the track than I, and they too have no complaint. Given the nature of the linkage, correct adjustment is vital of course and new cables are likely to stretch as they settle in. If Lotus has let out cars for tests - some very recently - without making sure they are set up correctly, they deserve what happens. It is perhaps not unthinkable, that given the new regime, priorities and people, that attention has been elsewhere.

If I may make another comment, apart from consulting test figures, do try to drive an Evora with the Sport kit, CR box and sport exhaust; run in so that you use the revs, and experience the upper rev range performance in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. (When safe and legal to do so, of course!) You may find yourself asking who would need a supercharger. The Evora book by Johnny Tipler says that Toyota engineers were so impressed by how Lotus had developed their non-SC engine that they could not believe that no significant internal changes had been made!

I'd better mention that I'm nothing to do with Lotus or dealers, just a satisfied owner.

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My biggest complaint with the evora are the ratios. They are "fine" but they don't make it "feel" like a sports car.

To put into context, the evora standard box has the same ratios as my old vauxhall VXR8 that had a 6 litre 420bhp corvette engine and over 400lb/ft torque. That suited the nature of a super saloon nicely and made for some relaxing motorway miles.

However I don't want this from a sports car - I want revs, exhaust noise, backfires on the downchanges the works. I'm not the only one when you see the amount of computing power Ferrari have dedicated to calibrating engine noise.

But I mean 84mph+ in second gear? To me thats too much and also hurts the pub figures - 2nd is too long for 0-60 and to short for 60-100. I know it's pub bragging but like it or not 0-60 times do sell cars.

Be nice to keep a long 6th gear for motorway cruising but bunch up the lower gears. Wouldn't surprise me if top speed was higher in 5th than 6th in the standard car.

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ads-green, I take it that all your comments refer to the standard box? I drove a launch edition - standard box - once as a potential buyer and immediately told the demonstrator that the ratios were nonsense for a sports car. Others, who I would have thought would have been listened to, made the same comment to Lotus prior to launch.................. but obviously there were other considerations in play.

It's not surprising that all media test cars were CR.

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But as you say, the CR 1st and 2nd are the same. 3rd is (IIRC) 97mph and long ratio is 104mph

Iv'e driven both and the CR on track... The engine does a good job with it's low down torque of hiding the gearing but plenty of times I found one gear too long and the one down too short.

It's such a shame as the handling is absolutely stunning - like most Lotus cars driving one on the road isn't even half the story and the evora comes alive on track when pushed.

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I purchased a fairly early LE car but managed to get the CR box as well.

After driving both i think the CR box is much better - just suffers a bit on MPG.

Also have the sports exhaust but doesn't seem to make any impact on performance, just much better noise.

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