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Gearbox again

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Pointless - the jubu gears use the same synchros so won't have any effect on wear or failure.

A rebuild is pretty expensive as the c60/ c64 box is hard to take apart safely. Might be worth looking at a replacement box.

Long term though there's nothing you can do to really make the oem box reliable.

The oil temps are too high, the synchros too weak, gears not strong and the primary shaft will flex.

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There are a couple of gearbox options that will be available around the end of the year. We'll be putting a (non Sadev) sequential box into a 2-Eleven for one of the Lotus series next season. This will also have the option of paddleshift. Your other option is an E153 kit with integrated oil cooler and LSD - this is about £7k for the full kit (driveshafts etc) but is a straight bolt in replacement.

I've given up with the C64 box, doesn't really matter what you do, you just move the problem elsewhere, we've probably changed about 30 C64's this season on road, race and track cars.


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