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Esprit S1 Chassis Numbers, Build Dates, Colors, and Engine Numbers

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says enough, my car is the 4th from the S2's and the 3th LHD J car....




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hey guys,

i'm looking to buy a S2 Esprit, but want to tread very carefully...  the chassis number quoted on the UK V5 is 0413G7805 engine number CC9077805149 first on the road 24.10.1978


it was once silver now red, I'm guessing from the chassis and the vents on the rear side window its a S2 .. but there is no ID plate in the front compartment, can anyone tell me where the chassis number is marked.


Its UK reg is BBC 716T


Can anyone tell me if the chassis ties up to a silver S2 .. any information on this car would be nice.

thanks Matt

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Hi Matt,



Nice to hear that you also have interested into a S2

it would be great to ship a other S2 over to belguim!


its a S2 car, but if you want everything right you must send a message to lotus,

there are some guys here on this forum how did that also, and then you get a offical doc. back with everything on it,

how and to how it was deliverd,


but if the price is right for the money, and you want it, then you should must buy the car and you can get new plates for the front,

(maby they changend the engine) but when you put your own engine number on the plate, (and the V5 says the same) then you can get it Reg. inside belguim, otherwise it would be a problem,

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I have 0276H. Don't have the engine number handy, but will find it. It's Yellow.






I've got 276G...sisters :-)

Robert Costa
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Hey Guys,

I recently just bought an S1. So new to this world... I got the car delivered and when it got to me the transmission was stuck in gear. I think a fork might be stuck in a gear, so that is currently being sorted out! 

Now the car is currently painted black, lowered on a racing suspension and has a 912 engine in it. The car has 22,000 original miles and was originally white.

The vin is #76120115H i was hoping maybe you guys can give me some insight on its worth, what the vin shows number wise.. when it was built, build number ect.. I am also painting the car but not to sure if i want to go back white or go completely different and maybe a blue, green or purple! toss me your thoughts i am open to some advice.


Thank you everyone!

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@Tony K, not sure if you're still active on this site/thread but I've just come across an S1 Esprit, believe it's 77080396H and would like to know if it's on your list, color, date of mfg, etc.  ThxIMG_1893.thumb.jpg.e37a50ea588361b790b1bbf6c99eda26.jpg

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