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Lotus Esprit "Sunday Times Magazine" advertisements?


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Was browsing around an elan forum and came across some ads for the elan m100 that evidently ran in a magazine/newspaper in the UK called "The Times" or "Sunday Times Magazine":



they follow the format of the green banner at the top with a witty line, a picture beneath, and then some text about the car below...

I am currently looking for one similar to this that was done for the high wing esprit meaning it would have been in a 1992 edition of this magazine/newspaper.... Im in the US so i dont have access to old issues of this so i was wondering if anyone might have one or else know where to get an issue that would have this ad in it:



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Jamie - I remember them well but don't have the Esprit one that you're looking for.

I was a student at the time; we had the Times delivered to the halls of residence. I cut these out of the Saturday glossy magazine (IIRC) and stuck them to my wall. That would have been between Sept 1991 and June 1992. I also had this sales brochure on the wall:


I'm pretty sure it had no bearing on subsequent purchases, though... :unsure::D


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There are several places where you can get hold of old editions. The downside is you will need to know the date the ads appeared. It would be quite expensive to get every edition for 1992!

Here's a few to be going on with -



You could try contacting the factory archives and see if they have records of their advertising campaigns. A long shot, but you never know..................

having said that, have you checked eBay? My wife has been getting hold of vintage adverts for my bithdays, Christmas and so on, all originals. I have 5 so far and counting. Take your pick -

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hey thanks! Yeah, ill try contacting the archives people tomorrow! Im guessing since this was a sunday magazine, that it came out every week?

ebay is where i get the majority of my stuff from...

check out my collection (just a tad more then 5 ;) )

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Heres some from my collection. MJK has 3-4 of the originals, signed of course!






Some of the best bits are in the small print.

For the few who know the difference.

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Love the fact that in many the old man and ACBC give a quiet nudge to Ferrari..."Even the so called "exotics" are being cranked out at such a rate that they, too, are looking rather common" Hehehe

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