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Type of Oil Recommended


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In my Owners Handbook it recommends for above 0o the following for the 1989 Turbo;

  • Valvoline 20W/50
  • Elf 20W/50
  • Mobil1 Rally Formulae 15W/50

Why the differences with what people are using now ?

the consensus appearing to be with a 10W/60

The move from 20w50 to 10w 60 may be due to oil technology moving on.

The 4 cylinder engine was put in production in the 70s and the 8 cylinder in the mid 90s and we are now 35 and 15 years past that respectively. I very much doubt there was a decent 10w60 in production at the time of the 4 cylinder design stage, and not sure if there was a decent one by '96. Thus, 20w50 being the spec of design choice, but now we have better additives to modify the viscosity and keep it thicker for hotter temperatures and not break down in a short time interval.

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I am sure you all know this but changing the oil often enough is important.


When summer kicked in I suddenly had the valves in my -99 V8 making substantial noise for a few seconds after start-up, fading slowly and disappearing completely after 15 second or so. The oil had 4000km and 16 months. Edge Pro TWS 10W60 as per garage receipt.


I changed to edge 10w-60 Mseries and the start-up noise completely disappeared.


The difference in oil touch and feel was astonishing as well. Now, the question is: is the 10W60 oil less stable in time than lighter grades? I never get this difference on e.g. Mobil 1 10W-30 in my other cars...?




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