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Insuring 2 cars...

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Any thoughts on insuring more than one car yet retaining some sort of no claims bonus on the bunch?

We're about to buy a Freelander as a shared family car. The initial insurance quote was around £300, but once the insurers realised my Mrs is keeping her existing car they wanted nearer £900 as they'll apply the no claims bonus to one car. There's a good chance I may well move on the Elise for a classic, in which case it's not a big deal as that would be covered by a classic policy leaving my NBC for the Landy. That's a possibility for the future but is there an easier fix here?


Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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Admiral Multicar


I just got 7 years no claims mirrored on my two cars.

I think it depends how 'good' a customer you are, as I haven't been treated so well in the past. My Evora premium is the biggest I've ever paid, so maybe they're not so bothered about giving me £50 off my Astra insurance!

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How many miles a year in the Elise - if less than 5K, try a classic policy, you neither acrue or require NCB for many of these

I do about 3-4k a year right now and that will drop with the arrival of the Freeloader. The problem is my Elise is only 2 years old, isn't that a bit new for a classic? Good point though, like I say was thinking of looking at a classic, partly for the insurance but also because I won't need a car I can depend on 100% and the Elise has been amazing in that respect.

Currently having an illicit affair with another marque, be back in the fold one day... B-)

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Full forum members get up to 15% off with these insurers:

Hagerty, Adrian Flux, Classicline, Competition Car Insurance, Footman James, Heritage.

Not bad for £20 a year! You could be saving money and some some of them will insure anything, not just classics.

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