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Anyone know something about WC engineering offering an LSD?

They have a Quaife LSD up on their site, stating that they are in stock, they are indicating shipping only to the North American continent.


Wondering why they won't ship to the rest of the world. I sent an e-mail, but I believe it's a Holiday in the states today.

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John installed an LSD in my car this summer. He's a great guy. No idea why he won't ship them, but it's my understanding they are in short supply as Quaife has stopped manufacturing that model.

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Did any Esprits come standard with an LSD? Alternately are there any other cars that have LSDs that would fit the Renault gearbox? I am thinking if there was any stock LSD that could possibly be found at a wrecker it could be a lot more affordable.

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Did any Esprits come standard with an LSD?

The Sport 300 had one. Only other Esprit that "might" have one (to be confirmed, don't know this model very well) could be the US only road going version of the X180-R american racing Esprit.

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I got a very polite e-mail response from Jon with WCEngineering to my question about shipping to the UK.

In short, they had a confrontation with customs, shipping a part that was made in the UK, shipped to the US and then shipping back to the UK.

With today's push towards oversight of everything coming and going, I suppose I can understand their position.

In any case, GTO should have some more available soon.

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