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S4 Injector mods

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Guys, ok this has no doubt been covered on various models..but everyone has an opinion! basically, to go with a few other minor improvements on my rebuild of my S4, I want to upgrade the injectors. Obviously the particular ones would need to be matched to my requirements and set basically its a 1995 S4, stock but healthy 54k miles engine. Brand new but standard turbo, SJ sports exhaust, I will be replacing the cat with a sports one too..excepting Lanari anyone any opinions on the source?...KN filter, upgraded chargecooler rad with electric pump to ensure cool runnings :0, triple core coolant rad and I believe Ill be going for a number 3 chip too. So basically I was thinking of leaving the secondary injectors as standard as Im not upping my boost, and just change the any ideas on the most suited or tried and tested ones? Ideally in the UK to be honest! But if I have to talk to Uncle Sam I shall....

Cheers for the Im sure very good advice in advance!


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There's no doubt that the primary injectors can be improved upon - at a price. Replacements won't produce any extra bhp but they can smooth out power delivery when using partial throttle. The secondary injectors are used at wide open throttle (WOT) demands and essentially just dump a bucket load of extra fuel down the hole. These are the ones you'd replace when chasing high bhp figures or upping the boost, to help prevent running lean at WOT.

There's a number of companies who can supply you with new injectors, such as WC Engineering in the States or Ramspott and Brandt in Euroland.

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This page may help... it tracks my fuel issue from start through a complete customization of the fuel system.

PS, my new turbo has put me back to square one. :-)

Luke Colorado, Super Spy.   -  Lotus Owner No Longer

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Toby, good to hear from you...I used to take my porker to meriden for its servicing...but this beast will be 100% home loved! Im aiming for a smoother more efficient drive out of all this as opposed to chasing high figures...I take it your local somewhere...would be good to see what other routes youve gone to with your car if you around...all insight is welcome in my opinion!


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I use Meriden Garage at the top of the hill in the old Velocette factory. Its now run by one of the old Porsche master techs.

I'm over in Brum but get over that way quite a bit, mine's no show room honey but its okay!!

The WC injectors really do work on the smoothness front, I have all six done and the spray pattern is much better!!

Other thing I swapped which made a difference was the coil packs.

Fraid to say the best deals are across the pond for this kinda parts!!

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For the primary injectors get these from , They are very good Lucas injectors that replaced the older BOSCH E5ZE injectors that I used to recommended.


For the secondary injectors

you can compare prices to the others of course.

No affiliation, I just found this place many years ago and their injectors work great in my car.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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