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Lotus 'plans to build V8 engine'

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Why re-invent the wheel...

To have any advantage over any number of existing engines maybe it is necessary to reinvent the wheel...else it could be seen as a fickle move to produce something just so it can have the Lotus name on it?

Im sure Lotus can pull something funky out of their design bag!


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Keep up at the back!

I really do despair. When it was mooted that the new Esprit would have a BMW or Lexus engine, we had a bucket load of posts on here bemoaning the fact that an Esprit without a bespoke Lotus engine wo

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A couple of thoughts...

1) MPG should be no problem, dovetailing into the thought that if you can afford the car...right now wealth is more upwardly-concentrated than at any time in modern history, and the trend seems to be that this is only increasing: there is *NO* shortage of people who can afford the car.

2) I feel rather ripped- off. My '86 Turbo gets rather abysmal MPG, although not truly bad for what it is from when it was made (about 13 city per US gallon, 20 highway). But the part that has me feeling ripped-off is that last weekend I got a look at the Monroney Sticker on a new Aston Martin Rapide- and for the same abysmal MPG, it produces about 2.5 times as much HP (and in a twice-as-heavy car no less!).

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That shows how better car manufacturers have got at working the system to get good mpg numbers over the test cycle and how little the test figures correspond with the real world.

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