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what's the best marcasite clone?

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Hi all,

in These days I'm thinking about rebuilding a part of the inside of my esprit, I discovered more recently through the help of Lotus cars that the color of marcasite I found in the car was not the same cited on the lotus production data, so the velvet was replaced from previous owners later from the original black to gold, so I'm are determined to restore the originality by replacing the incorrect gold with black marcasite clone, which tissue may replace the old unobtainable marcasite?

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Hi Massimo, There was NEVER a black Marcasite, there was brown and dark grey only. The piece of black material that you have found could well be black crushed Nylon, if you care to send me a very small sample I can tell you exactly what type of material it is, then I will be able to advise you as to what materials will give you a close match.

If you decide to send me a piece my address is as follows.

N. Fulcher Coachtrimmer,

50A, New Road,



Norfolk NR9 3HH.


I am not back at work untill the 4th January. If I can help you I will, and put you on the right road so you can restore your interior as you want to.

Kind regards,

Nick Fulcher.

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Hello Nick, originally in my car I found a gold marcasite in bad condition, so I decided to restore the interior with a gold velvet similar to the original found on the car, after a few months I wrote to Lotus Cars for obtain the 1979 production document of my car where shows the data construction of my car, and surprise! in the document is cited: red leather seats, red carpet and trim in black velvet ... so I guess someone in the past have replaced the original black marcasite with a used complete interior in gold marcasite !, but I intend to restore the originality of interior in black and find 5 / 6 meters of marcasite black (or dark gray) or a material very close to the original.

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