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I'm a definate no now, my window of time i had to leave by has gone.

Up showered, bit of breakie, been out to car and got sat nav, looked up felix's house on satelite images to make sure i have the right one, added it to sat nav, grabbed trainers to drive in and my fully immersable 'Explorer trail light' berghaus boots, fleece, and waterproof coat. Folding chair, umbrella and suntan lotion are already in the car.

Grabbed Vicki's keys to go back out and move her car out the way.

Pissing it down. Came back inside and thought 'for f***s sake, i'm stood here dress like i'm going sea fishing', checked uxbridge weather, clicked on the show webcam and saw:


I'm out, like i said, i like a good show and uxbridge really is, bi'm pretty sure how it's going to be and it's not how i want to spend today. I sincerely hope i'm wrong and you have a few hours of good sun, some enjoyable dry driving miles and that the show is well attended. And cheers for the coffee offer Mr Felix.

Have fun.


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Thanks for posting the pics and also for coming along. As for the lowered BMW's etc, it seems most shows are inclined that way a little these days. if you haven't been before then a trip to Classics on the Common in Harpenden is well worth a visit and that is 27th of this month.

Thanks also to all who came and looking forward to the next event that will hopefully involve a drive out for us locals. Big thanks goes to Sue and John for bringing along the gazebo.

Weather was nowhere near as bad as predicted with some scattered showers and definitely not the monsoon forecast. Pics tomorrow when on a decent computer.


I'll get around to it at some point.

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Glad you guys had a good day, stayed crap all day here, who would know! Is that a Maserati or a bitter Mark?


Spent the money i would have on petrol by going for coffee and cake, having sunday lunch, baking cookies,an afternoon in the pub, and ate out for tea tonight,

Fat beery and happy, so all's good.


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Great to see everybody today.

A special thanks to Mrs Felix for a much needed coffee, John & Sue (Boots) for a much needed gazeebo and to Trevor for organising us all.

Sorry I had to leave early but I had a birthday party to organise & go to. The track on teh way out was starting to turn into a bit of a mud bath, hope you got out 'cleanly'

Bibs, love that Evora, you're soooo lucky to be driving it. I even sat in the back :thumbsup:

Some great pics too.

Hope to see you again at the Ace or Donnington.

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Looks almost apocalyptic in those pics trev! cars look tidy as always.. great selection of esprits... and Bibo's lurverlee Evora..

Cant belive Mr Cornes turned up in the Essex.... it was raining after all!

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I know. Still had some cheeky so in so say that it doesn't get enough use..

Had to spend 3 hours getting the muck off it last night. Just as I finished leathering it off the heavens opened again :wallbash:

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