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New owner, where to jack up the car?

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I just purchased a wrecked 1990 Esprit Turbo SE and I am wondering where it is safe to position a floor jack to lift each end of the car without damaging anything.

If anyone here is interested I have a photo album on photobucket with pictures of the as-purchased car and the various damage I have found so far (more

to come I am sure).

I am looking forward to learning lots about the car and the tricks to repair & keep it on the road. I currently own a few Jensen-Healey cars and some V12

Jaguars (XJS & XJ12) so I have some experience with British cars. I like to do most of the work on my cars and I am currently converting a 1973

Jensen-Healey to crank fired ignition and fuel injection using a Megasquirt ECU.

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I cut some 1" round bar into 1" pieces

sit them in the cradle of the floor jack

and jack the car up in the slots in the rocker panel

someties the bottom of the hoop frame in the rear is used

sometimes on the front under the pivot point where the lower control arm joins the frame



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Welcome to the forum, Steven. I think you will find the Esprit engine a bit easier to get to than the V12 Jaguar engines. I remember being told that if you refit a V12, throw a bucket of water over it and, if any comes out the bottom, something's missing.

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