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January jaunt 2011

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Yep good to meet you all and my dad had a great day out!

I can also recommend "Pieminster" just down the way from the cafe we were in, very good pies!!

Found the BP station too thanks!



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Ah ........... was hoping to avoid mention of the plaster :whistle:

Suppose I'd better explain.

The wing on my V8 is fitted with a high-level brake light.

Coming into Tern Hill on the A41 I noticed in my rear view mirror the light swinging the breeze.

On pulling into the next lay-by I discovered that one of the retaining screws had come adrift.

No one had a spare but Rich kindly donated a screw from one of his headlamps ( but sadly not long enough )

So with no other option we removed the other screw and disconnected the retaining leads.

Now we needed insulating tape to stop the 2 leads touching and causing a short.

Contrary to what we all believed, we had no gaffer tape/plumbing tape/insulating tape of any description.

Thankfully Mrs Oneshot came to the rescue with a box of sticking plasters :clap::doc:

Having taped up the leads we started again and thankfully nothing else came losse or fell off :sofa:

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Hi chaps..... what have i missed....... been in sick bay 14 days with woman flu... you know the proper type.. sick as a dog man :sick: ,

Esprit on way to have bespoke ecu next month so not sure if the ground crew will get it done in time...will advise closer to date, until the then watch out for bogies ,

Tally ho


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Well the car didn't miss a beat on the run, but ordered a new 40" 8.5mm comp lead from Magnacor.........

2 weeks after the email with the orderform I recieved a call to say they just found it, and he would call me back later that day or the next with the price........

2 days later he calls me (wednesday 2nd) with the price £16 something plus vat plus post, so i said go ahead, he said will be in the post same day....

the cash went out on thursday, its now sunday and still no lead :thumbdown:

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It finally arrived today, only took 8 days to travel 32 miles !!!!

I sponsored a cyclist today who traveled 1000 miles in 9 days :blink:

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Лотос - для тех которые знают разницу

ENIGMA for those who are paranoid or download one :)



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