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907 Cam Carrier

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Hi guys

Ive just had my head rebuilt as it was flipping out the shims.

Now i've got the head back and i'm reassembling everything i'm not sure if the cam carriers to head had a gasket or just silastic/permabond.

Can someone confirm please

Many thanks, Darren

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Courtesy of Tom Engel:

Loctite 518 has become the preferred sealant for the joint between the cam carriers and the cylinder head.

• Note: For the Lotus 9XX cam carrier application, set the valve clearances with everything assembled dry. Then, dis-assemble, apply the sealant, re-assemble and torque. These products will squish down to almost no thickness of their own. However, you should make some allowance for it in your valve clearances. Set the clearances a little tight, then the sealant will lift the cam carrier a little, increasing the clearance by the thickness of the sealant. Allow the following amounts:

• 0.0015" (0.038mm) Loctite 504

• 0.0010" (0.025mm) Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket

• 0.0005" (0.013mm) Loctite/ Permatex 518… half a thousandth, nil, hardly worth doing the math since you can't measure .0005" reliably with feeler gauges.

• Do not apply a sealant that dries or cures to the rubber O-ring around the oil passages between the cylinder head and cam carriers. Assemble the O-rings with a light smear of engine oil, or with Hylomar (it doesn't dry or cure). Never apply a hardening sealant to any O-rings! Early 907’s used a paper gasket in this area and they were difficult to seal. It’s worth converting to the O-ring and sealant configuration. You just need to cut a small counterbore for the O-ring, eliminate the gasket, clearance the valves and apply the sealant. The counterbore dimensions are:

• Diameter 0.4835" / 12.281 mm, concentric about the oil passage.

• Depth 0.075" / 1.905 mm

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