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Raised blood pressure at getting discount

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The other day I was driving the mondeo and heard a brake related noise from the rear end (not mine, the cars) Took it into Kwik Fit as I already knew they were low. As expected I was told that I needed new discs and pads at the rear and that the fronts were VERY low so I may as well get them done as well. When I aked the price I was told £450. After I picked myself up I said they could do the rear but I would have to wait till next month to do the fronts as funds were low.

Immediately the nice man surprised me at what they can do (as the ad says) and offered me an £80 discount if I had the work done now!

What annoys me about this is that if I had just said go ahead at the firts price I would never have known that they were making a huge margin. (i'm sure they were art the lower price anyway) why dont they offer the best price at the outset..? actually I already know the answer to that, but when I got the customer service phone call later and I made that point to the call centre monkey I heard my least favorite phrase at the moment

"I hear what you say" mmmmmm

moral of the story is ALWAYS argue about the price there may be some big savings.

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I had a similar thing Nick.

We are putting in some double glazing at the moment and we were quoted a price of £4178 but as a special offer they could do it for £4100.

I thought about if afterwards and phoned them saying I would do it at £3900.

Quick as a flash the guy says “No problem we can do that”

Pi55ed me off because I should have clearly pushed him for more but I guess £278 isn’t a bad discount off the top line.

That said, I did manage to get upgraded glass and frames and oak cills etc rather than pine… all these discussions took place just before I signed on the dotted line so I guess the guy felt that he would be stupid to loose me when I was standing in the show room with a credit card in my hand.

As you say the moral is ALWAYS to barter for these things…something that “we British” are not very good at.

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My insurance renewel on my Alfa Gt went up last year, and after ringing direct line to talk about this they offered a £90 discount there and then without even thinking about it.

If you don't take the time to look at these things, you get ripped off - thats certainly how things look.

As much as I hate price comparison sites (for their TV ads as much as anything) they do at least get you looking at saving money. Auto renewls probably make most of these companies profits.

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Right - I'm gonna try it with my bank.

See if they could add another '0' to my balance.

I wonder if Mastercard would take a '0' off that balance.

That way, I would be even, right?

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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The easiest Companies to haggle with has to be SKY and Virgin. (TV, phone, Broadband)

I guarantee anybody now that if they phone either of those Companies and ask to be put through to their disconection dept, they will always, firstly and correctly ask why? This is when you say the other Company (SKY or Virgin) can do a better deal. This is now the point they will offer you £20 per month off your current monthly tarrif just to keep you.

Have this conversation about every 12 to 18 months.

Go on, give it a go

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Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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Never, never, NEVER get Kwik-Fit to do your brakes. I've seen completely unnecessary work done by them time and time again, and always for around £350-£450. The margins on those parts are IMMENSE. It's a 2-hour job, tops, for a disabled monkey, and I suspect you could source the parts for well under £200.

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Brakes is always one thing I try to do myself for the family vehicles if possible. I usually can save a fortune by buying the pads and rotors and doing the work myself. A few times I've had to let the local brake and muffler places do the work because I'm tied up or something is severely corroded and needs a torch, etc. and the price quoted is horrendous and I have them do the bare minimum necessary to solve the problem (I'll get to the rest in time). As mentioned, they always want to do everything related to the brakes to maximize their profit. I can remember a time when parts weren't marked up as much and labor not so high, but for a few years now I feel one needs to get a second mortgage on the house just to en-richen their business!!!

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Last year, to pass New York State vehicle inspection, my Infiniti (High End Nissan) dealer wanted to replace the brake pads for $790. Bought the car specifically for the Brembo brakes. Ordered a set of Hawk High Performance pads from Amazon. Both front and rear. Total with shipping was $170. Start to finish, it took about thirty minutes per corner. Probably not the same time wise for a Mondeo but....

We have the same type of mass market auto repair shops on this side of the pond. Ours are no better. Famous for checking the service life of your air filter when you took the car in for an oil change. Wanting to replace the fluid in your headlights :devil: and other unnecessary service items. One muffler shop offers a lifetime replacement warranty on your muffler installation. Only problem is the cost of the replacement brackets and clamps far exceed the original amount of the muffler! Oh well.


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