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European Driving Routes

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Decided to take the Evora down to Mugello this year to watch the Moto GP.

We are taking the ferry from Newcastle across to Amsterdam then the intenrion is to journeying down to Italy over a couple of weeks. We have the following items on our list:

Nurburgring (spectating only I am afraid)

Porsche Stuttgart Museum

Pagani Factory Tour

Stelvio Pass

However wondering whether anyone has recommendations on good driving routes that should not be missed,

The intention is to travel through Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy possibly going to via the Black Forest and parts of the Romantic Road to see the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle.

Recommendations on routes/accommodation greatly appreciated.



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Depends which part of Germany and Switzerland you are travelling through but it may be worth a small detour into France to visit the Schlumpf Collection in Mulhouse.

You can read all about it here:- Clicky thingy

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Don't forget the MB museum in Stuttgart as well. Also driving past the front of the Casino in Monaco and hanging around for coffee is fun. A bit of a Bond moment.

We drove from Warsaw, Poland to Nice, France a few years ago in a California registered X5. I think folks on the road had more fun than we did doing double takes on the license plate, especially Italy where a crowd seemed to be around the car every time we came back to it.

Enjoy the trip!

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If you can only go to the Porsche Museum or the Merc one the latter has a better building and the former better stock. If you want lots of early 'history of cars' stuff obviously go the the Merc one. The Porsche has a good cafe which is well priced.

I'm not convinced the Stelvio is the best pass and it's a bit of a way off-route. I would say go through the Black Forrest and then over the Susten, Grimsel and then Nufenen to Ticino. You could add the Klausen to the start of these.

The autobahn between Stuttgart and Singen is mostly de-restricted and is quiet. Whatever speed you're doing keep checking your rear as there is always someone on it in something much faster than you are.

There is a good hotel near the top of the Grimsel with a nice restaurant. It's a meeting place for many a car-club and the last few times I've been there the car park's been full of Ferraris.

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For the first bit of the trip.

- Arnhem to Oberhausen, via the E35 "Oberhausen straight", for a nice full throttle ride

- For a scenic route try the route from Mastricht, Spa to the Nuburgring, and stay on the west side of the Rhine

Also good, hurry yourself to Marseille, "or take the route Napoleon", and follow the coastline from Marseille/Nice to Firenze.

P.S. Good topic.

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Sounds like a great trip you are planning.

I have used the Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry quite a few times now on our way to Switzerland making full use of the derestricted autobahns to great effect, first in the Elise and last year in the Evora.

I have not driven between Spa and Nurburgring but I have heard that it is a great drive and quite easy to fit in on your trip south if you have the time to spare.

I agree with the other comments with regards to driving down the west bank of the Rhine. Last year we drove that route North and stopped off for 2 nights at a lovely Castle hotel above the river at St Goar.

Grimsel, Susten and Furka passes are also worth doing and the scenery is spectacular. i have not driven into Italy so don't really know what the roads are like.

Stelvio is on my list to do but it's a 5 hour drive from where we stay in Villars sur Ollon so would really need to be a few days away within our holiday.

I found quite a good site Alpine Roads which is written for Biking in the Alps but equally good for cars.

I use Google maps when planning a route and I like it because you can drag the suggested route onto roads that you want to use, if you haven't used it before have a go Amsterdam - Mugello this one takes in Spa, Nurburgring, St Goar, Susten and Grimsel passes. 1006 miles and 17hrs 47mins driving.

Don't forget to take plenty photographs and post some when you get home.

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The Pagani factory is located in the motor valley of Italy. There are some other nice factories or museums to visit while you're there.

Beware: It is difficult to get in to the Ferrari factory, but possible. The Lamborghini museum is closed during the week-end.

You must call them prior the visit, or you will stand at a closed door. It's the italian way of living, and they know how to enjoy live!!


Via Ciro Menotti 322, Modena

+39 059 590511

Maserati autosportdivision

Viale delle Nazioni 60, Modena

+39 059 2051520

Stanguellini Museo Auto Storiche

Via Emilia Est 756, Modena

+39 349 8181 830

[email protected]

AutoSpeak classic & sportscar

Via Emilia Est 852, Modena

+39 059 366655

Carozzeria Scaglietti

Via Emilia Est 1163, Modena

+39 059 252052

Museo dell�Auto De Tomaso

Viale Virgillio 9, Modena

(This one is always closed)

Parco Enzo Ferrari (before Autodromo Modena)

with Ferrari monument

Via Dell�Autodromo, Modena

House of birth Enzo Ferrari:

Via Paulo Ferrari 85, Modena


Appartement Enzo Ferrari (now Piero Ferrari)

Largo Garibaldi, Modena

Grave Enzo Ferrari

Cimitero 1, Modena

+39 059 334103

(Announce your visit, no camera's allowed)


Via Danimarco 160, Modena



Via Spallanzani 21, Faenza

+39 0546 696111


Viale della Resistenza 12, Campogalliano

+39 059 528377

[email protected]


Largo Ettore Bugatti 1, Campogalliano



Via dell�Artigianato 5, San Cesario sui Panero (follow from San Cesario the direction Sant�Anna,

after that to the industrialzone La Graziosa)

+39 059 952811

[email protected]


Via Modena 12, Sant�Agata Bolognese

+39 051 817611

Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

Via Stratale 342, Dosso

+39 051 862628

Collezione Mario Righini

Via Nini Bixio 12, Panzano di Castelfranco Emilia

+39 051 733169 fax +39 051 735767

Collezione Umberto Panini

Via Corletto Sud, Cittanova

+39 059 510660

Museo Ducati

Via Cavalieri Ducati 3, Bologna

+39 051 6413343


Via Abetone Inferiore 4, Maranello

+39 0536 949111

Galleria Ferrari

Via Dino Ferrari 43, Maranello

+39 053 643204

Officina Toni Auto

Via Abetone Inferiore 41, Maranello

+39 0536 941131

Pista di Fiorano

Via Gilles Villeneuve 23, Maranello

+39 0536 843650

Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari

Via Fratelli Rossilli 2, Imola

+39 0542 634511

Well, this wiil be enough for one week Italy i suppose

Best regards,


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I just did a drive from Amsterdam to Friedrichshafen via the 61 from Venlo to Karlsruhe, what used to be unlimited speed.

Now the 61 is only unrestricted from Venlo to Monchengladbach which is a small stretch. All the rest is now 100 -> 130km/h.

Any idea's for a better Netherlands to Switzerland routes?

P.S. good general topic, this should be sticky.

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Just did a nice drive with the Esprit from Amsterdam to Palma de Mallorca, I rushed it a bit to catch the ferry in Barcelona.

Any suggestions fot the way back from Barcelona to Amsterdam?

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Anyway, back in Amsterdam again,

I can really recommend Mallorca as a destination for some nice driving,.

This is not me, but i think it did not look thas different.

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