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Hi all , in need of some help with my elise s . I thinking of changing my wheels to Team Dynamics 1.2 but wanted to go up a size on the front to 17" all round.

Current wheels are FRONT 175/55/16. REAR 225/45/17.

To. FRONT 215/40/17 REAR 245/45/17

1. Will they fit for a start ?

2. Does ET30 front and ET38 still apply ?

3. Has anyone tried this combination ?

Sorry for all the questions but as I'm sure you can all tell I'm clueless when it comes to Wheels.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Steven,

When you buy a Lotus, you are buying a product that has been developed and finely honed by the worlds foremost ride and handling consultants. The detail they go in to will include various wheel sizes and numerous different tyre makes/compunds. They will then settle upon a combination that is considered the best all-round solution, even down to having their own tyre compund, denoted on the latest AD07 tyres with an "LTS" stamp in the sidewall.

Unless you have a specific use for the vehicle (trackdays, very cold/hot temperatures, snow) it is generally not beneficial to deviate from what the manufacturer recommends. Whilst the front wheels do appear to fly in the face of fashion, particular with regards to their width if not their diameter, they do contribute perfectly to the overall performance of the car.

Going for a bigger front wheel will perhaps enhance the aesthetics of the car but that's pointless if it ceases to be the best handling car in the world!

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HI guy,

Thanks for your reply. My thoughts where to reduce understeer, i was thinking that a wider wheels would help on the front of the car.

I see lots of people seem to put wider wheels on there Elise`s and thought it would be a good time to increase diameter too.

Also thinking that a all wealther Tyre would be a good idea as i use it all year around.

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The Europa SE used 195/45R17 front tyres, not sure on the wheel offset, but they seem to work OK. 215s look like massive overkill to me.

That said just switching to Exige 195/50R16 fronts would reduce understeer, and without the expense of buying new wheels. I'd be tempted to use A048s in the summer and winter tyres when the weather gets cold enough.

I'm just a newbie* though, so feel free to ignore this.

* albeit a newbie running S1 Exige wheels on an S1 Elise with 195/45R16 front tyres and 235/40R17 rears - looks great, rides worse and I'm reasonably certain it would handle worse (were I the sort of person to drive near the limit and if I had the skill to accurately judge what was good anyway).

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Have you had the geometry adjusted. Mine used to understeer quite badly. I fittted AD07 tyres all round and geo setup and the Elise points much better now. Haven't experienced understeer since on the road but can't comment on track driving. AD07 tyres are great in the dry but require caution in winter conditions.

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You are going to have to watch it doesn't catch on the body work. The new size is 50mm wider so as you turn the wheel it may foul on the wheel arch. As said above stick with 16" fronts and try a geo and 195/50/16 on a 6.5 or better 7" wide rim. The 2-11 runs this wheel size and will be fine on an elise or exige.

If you are on original factory geo settings then it will understeer when pushed, they set them up that way. Try a more aggressive geo setting.

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