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Price of petrol falls in Europe, but climbs in UK

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The average price of a litre of unleaded petrol hit a fresh high of 128.71p, as campaigners took a petition to the Treasury asking for the planned increase in fuel duty, due to come into force in April, to be abandoned.

However, while British petrol has climbed, data from the AA, the motoring group, showed that the price of unleaded petrol in The Netherlands had fallen five per cent since the middle of January, fallen 6.5 per cent in Germany and dropped 2.5 per cent in France.

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That's what I get it to £0.58 ltr

Working on our £1.30 / ltr approx, which is £5.93 / Gal (uk) or....... $7.92 per US Gal !

Лотос - для тех которые знают разницу

ENIGMA for those who are paranoid or download one :)



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If we paid the UK price in the US (with the amount of driving we do on trips) I think everyone would be in Priuses or Chevy Volts, etc (Tell the relatives I'll see them in a week with the overnight recharge stops along the way).

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I guess a used S4 is probably costs about £80K less than a Tesla so it would take about 300K miles before the Tesla becomes cheaper based on fuel costs alone. Thats based on 25p per mile for the S4 and 1.5p for the Tesla.

Add in depreciation, running costs and it all gets far too dull to work out.

Its also probably unfair to compare new vs old. An S4s would cost around £80K in todays prices but then it depends a lot on the tax. If you bought both as company cars, the Tesla would be cheaper both to buy and cheaper to run (due to the tax breaks). As a private purchase the Esprit would make more sense.

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