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One of my headlight pods stopped raising and lowering. I could still hear the motor turning but there was a bit of a chewing sound inside. When I opened it up I could see that the 3 bushings had disintergrated. It was a pretty easy and cheap fix, the rebuild kit only cost $13US + $5US postage.

The motor comes out quite easily, there are only 3 mounting bolts, the rotating arm, a sheetmetal bracket and the electic plug to take off.


Once it is out take out the three bolts around the lower circular area. Note that these bolts are imperial as the motor comes from a Pontiac.


According to some other instructions I have read the visible gear should now be able to be lifted out. This was not the case with my motor. The drive gear was holding it in so I had to remove the motor portion. Be very careful when you do this, there are two small springs behind the brushes that will try to get away.


You should now be able to remove the gear. Flip it over and withdraw the metal part. This is what mine looked like on the inside. Note that instead of 3 pieces inside I had 657 pieces.


Place the 3 new bushings into the gear.


Reassembly is the reverse of the dismantling proceedure and is pretty easy with one exception. It is quite difficult to hold the brushes in against the springs while you slide the motor between them. I used two retractors that I fashioned out of paper clips.


Put it all back together and you are ready to go. Easy job and now you car will stop winking at strangers.


There was one mistake I made with that job that I realised before putting it back in my car. There is supposed to be a very small ball bearing at the end of the drive shaft. I had missed mine. Thankfully I was able to find it. I put it back in without having to take the motor apart again by removing the adjusting screw at the end then dropping it in using a piece of rolled up paper to guide it.


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I had to sort my RHS one when I got the car. Had the motor out, wanted to use the car, so 3 pieces of 240V electrical cable with a suitable length of nylon tube over that. Tada 3 bushes. Has not failed and has given me no grief whatsoever.

I think DanR from Oz uses pieces of glue stick cut up to length.

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That how-to worked flawlessly. Excellent idea with the paper clips, Justin. I only suffered one cut knuckle on this one. Fortunately, it was only the driver side (U.S. model) that was having motor problems. That passenger side will be a proper bollocking when the time comes.

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