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New Tires all Round

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Hi Everyone

Its time for me to change my tires as my Goodyear sets have failed on the rears, and they are 5 years old so front are being changed as well due to old age.

The question is on my S4S ( 4 Pot ) I have a set of V8 wheels fitted (AWI) and in the past used Goodyaer 235/40/17 fronts and 285/35/18 rears.

At this moment I want to use Michellin Pilot Sport PS2 tires and the sizes available are 235/40/17 front with no probs, But the rears are available only in 275/35/18 or 295/35/18 but NO 285/35/18

So my question is which way should I go in terms of up or down in size for the rears? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Would the change cause any effect on the rear handling?



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I've got 295 on the back of my car, +-10mm is no problem and going + just gives some extra kerb protection. The sidewalls are so stiff on such a low profile the 10mm makes no difference. Great tyres by the way :)

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I have just put Michelin PS2 on the front and could onlly find a set of PS3 for the rear and i did this all very last minute and needed them for a trip to Le Mans Classic, where I am as we speak.

I was worried about doing this as the 3s are slightly sticker, however, they have the same tread pattern and I don't track the car.

My findings so far:

The steering at the front seems lighter which I dont like. I like the planted feel. I have dropped down to 28 psi which has helped but it still donesn't feel 100% There are no major problems andd they are a massive mprovement in the wet over the P9000s which I had on before BUT they still don't feel planted.

My winter tyres on my Cayenne are the same. Lighter steering, makes the front end feel lighter and travels up to the steering wheel. Am I making sense? What is the cause of this? How can I improve on it? What tyre pressure do people reccommend for the front and rear?

The P9000s were good in the dry and felt perfect but were bloody dangerous in the wet!

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Right, I definitely don't like these Michelins (see above post)

They grip well, especially in the wet but give too much feed back via the steering wheel for my liking. They feel every bump and rut.

Some people may like that but Im not keen.

I shall have to sell the tires and look for something else.

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