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VNT/VGT for Esprit 2.2L?

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I've read lately of a few projects fitting modern variable nozzle/geometry turbochargers to older turbo cars with outdated fixed-geometry type turbos and having some nice results - eg no turbo lag, consistent powerband, etc. Has anyone done this to an Esprit? I've done some Googling but not found anything. Any thoughts on such a retrofit to the Lotus 2.2L turbo motor?

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I've been waiting for this to happen ever since the 997TT debuted...but how are the vanes controlled? Are they mechanical or electronic?

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here is a reply I got back in 2007


At this time there are no VNT products available for your Gas/alky combination.

A VNT or AVNT is going to require a engine management system that can control boost at a givin RPM.

I feel comfrontable some of the newer product will be available early next year. Along with a management system.

Bill Hartzell

Turbocharger Applications Engineer

Turbo Diesel and Electric Systems


still wating... :ball:

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You will have to read all the stuff written about T34 turbo's used on the Ford Cosworth engines.

The turbo has the same dimensions as the one used on the 4 cyl Esprit. Including the flanges and internal waste gate.

You can choose from different turbine housings going from 0.48 to 0.55 up to 0.63.

Depends on what power band you're after...

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Problem with VG/VNT turbochargers is not so much the controllability, but more the operating temperatures on which the VG/VNT turbine as limited. In normal automotive applications these can only be fitted to Diesel engines as the nozzle is limited by maximum temperatures of 830 steady 850 peak degC. (While typical Gasoline engines run between 930 - 980 deg). Also the nozzle system is a non oil lubricated system which in a Diesel application is slighly lubricated by the soot the Diesel exhaust generates. I expect the duarability of such a system in a gasoline application not reaching the 25 hours. The only VNT/VG turbocharger capable of handeling Gasoline temperatures is the Porsche 911 unit which is super expensive (Aircraft grade pricings)

A better option to avoid turbolag is a more modern wategate turbocharger configuaration. With the latest compressor wheels a higher boost pressure and flow can be generated from smaller units which reduces the rotating weight (Improves trainsient response). With Mike S we are going to test a new unit for max 330hp.

Also a option will be to go to a leightweight turbine wheel material like TiAl which only has again some tempreature restrictions and a high price. Althouh I think on the Esprit the temperature will not exeed 950degC anyway so this should be good.

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I have used several types of turbos earlier. The stock turbo with free flow 3" exhaust, boost very early, got 1 bar at 2200rpm.

The GT3076 I have now with 500hp get 1bar 3500rpm and 1,5 bar at 3800rpm...

What are your goals?

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To Rydning,

1-What turbine (hot side housing) AR are you running with your GT3076r?

2-Is it divided or not?

3-Are you using the stock exhaust manifold?

I was thinking to go with the divided .82 T3 housing. Alunox exhaust manifold...


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