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I just see your post today, sorry.

After 2 trackdays last year, I explode the engine after a missed gear :veryangry: I make 6 to 3 because 5 was not exactly in front of the 6. I was searching the 5th entering in a right curve and found the 3 because of lateral G.

It seems to have no other problem on the engine that could explain the conrod break. The ECU just said rpm > 12.000 :getmecoat:

So the car went again to MSC.

My decision was to avoid any other problem, so I asked to Andrew to fit a dry sump and to limit the engine speed at 8000 rpm. The power should be around 360 HP.

To avoid any other miss gear : I had 2 options : automatic 3 gears Ford engine 1970 or a sequential gearbox with paddleshift system. I choose the second option ;)

I know that I reach a very high price but this solution is very exciting and secure the engine against hard driving. I'm now very far of the original 2-11.

You could compare my car to the GT4 version.

And I still not have my car :horse:

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ha ha.

loving your work sir :thumbsup: ,

im heading out to france again in August. are you around?

Sun 21/8

We will all together meet at the Ibis Mâcon Sud, a nice hotel with pool, billard and bar so people arriving a bit sooner can really enjoy their time there. Have a look by yourself

Mâcon is also very popular for tourism and EXCELLENT food in France...

Mo 22/8

Easy drive to the Circuit de Bresse, a proper race track with international race meets and great facilities... so it was probably time LoT visited them! Technical, fast, but very safe and with gentle curbs as also many motorbike races are hold there.

Directly after the TD we will head to Orange where we will be based for the rest of the event.

Tue 23/8

Day off at hotel Ibis Orange Centre, the one we visited a couple of years ago! Pool, car park (helpful for some repairs, hum hum) very friendly owner who is a Lotus fan and nearly the entire hotel for us alone. We will be based there until Fri, so you just leave your luggage there and drive easy to the tracks the rest of the week. Orange is a beautiful town within 5 min walk, lot of bars, culture/history, restaurants... but Orange is also not far away from the Provence and from the Riviera. Ah, did I already mention the Mont Ventoux with its hill climb and beautiful roads and view was “just” a few miles away. For sure many nice ways to spend that day off

Wed 24/8

TD at the Circuit du Luc, our first day there. This track has a bit of history as it used to be the test track of the AGS F1 team in the 80s. It is quite relaxed and safe, while allowing a good drive for both beginners (easy to memorise) and experienced drivers (easy to push, better on that day then on the day after!). Perfect training and shake down for Thursday... and fun ans safe regardless the weather.

Thu 25/8

TD at Ledenon. Err, I guess no need to introduce one of Europe’s best race track, anticlockwise with terrific gradients? SUPERB track, but treat it with respect! We really should go there more often... one of our very top favourite tracks and big highlight: have fun!

Fri 26/8

TD at Grand Sambuc, again for the first time. The narrow roads to get there, admittedly slightly over one hour drive as the farthest away, through the Provence mountains are already a great drive with beautiful landscapes that vary every mile. The track is located uphill in the middle of the forest (or should I say nowhere?) and looks like a giant hill climb with lot of gradients and blind corners and... lot of speed! However, it is pretty safe but quite technical. Lunch will be given in a very nice place, surprise, surprise...

It has also a lot of history as the current owner and designer of this driver’s track, who is over 80 now (!), is one of the French best circuit drivers of his era... watch at the pix and trophies of DB, Porsche 718, AC Cobra, Can Am Lolas, Lotus 23, Ferrari 512M, Lola 212 Porsche etc. 3 decades of racing and what a nice man! As BTW our lead doctor of the day, named Abecassis and related to “that” George

Here for a good time, not a long time

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I hope to run at Magny Cours F1 on 23th of august but I'm not sure. I's far from Orange.

On 22th if you invite me to run with you, perhaps could I make a bend by Bresse's track before going to Magny Cours. Even if I will be affraid to run with crazy english drivers !

At Mâcon : try to buy some wine !!

I've been to Bresse one time :


Ledenon is wonderfull, I love this track !

Never been to Grand Sambuc either Luc

Didn't you sell your car ? I see that on Pistonhead !! And your lovely trailer ...

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its not the english that are mad, Watch out for the scottish envation. :thumbup:

Im sure i can get you onto any of the days, just let me know?

ive been to ledenon before, really looking forward to going back. :thumbup:

I still have my car for now.

Here for a good time, not a long time

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Thoses issues can happen in motorsport (not sure this sequence is good english :wacko: )

Of course I was disguested !

But I think the v2 of the 211R is now bulletprof, but more expensive :( , AND better !

To work my driving, I run since the beginning of the trackday season with my Elise 1997 :wub: (the best car in the world !). A bit slower, just a bit :D

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