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Quarterlight refresh

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Stocks Coachworks in Chelmsford will, in exchange for money, make your car look much nicer and newer with a refurbishment of the black edging around the rear quarterlights. My car was looking very tatty so I took a trip up and had mine done on my '89 Turbo SE. Same job can be applied to all cars with this black edging by Mark Waite. £99.99 + VAT well spent in my opinion :)

This is what mine looked like. You see it every time you get in and out and it's there, staring at you all the time...



First job is to remove the glass, this is done with car by initially drilling out the b pillar rivet and removing that then using piano wire to slice through the old sealant.


The old sealant needs to then be cut/cleaned from the aperture.


Here are the chemicals which are mixed to create the new batch of sealant...


which is applied as a very thick bead in a particular shape as so...



While this is left to cure, the glass is cleaned and new edging applied


then refitted.


The whole job takes around an hour and a half for both sides and transforms the car. Well worth the time and money to give your car a neater and more cared for look and will last for years. :)

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Yup I reckon that's good value. You might get him to have a go at the passenger side window frame.

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The product is actually a water based epoxy primer ,believe it or now.It is designed to apply when you are replacing glass on most cars (modern) ...not easily available in retail shops but if you go down to the local auto glass fitment and explain that the car is being restored at the North pole ....they may sell you a small bottle.Can be applied with a sponge.

Technically sound ...Theoretically poked !

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3M makes a single step black primer that worked perfect on mine when I did the re-do...

check this old thread out for details and pics, its somewhat of a hard job but pretty fun now that i look back on it:

just remember to clean the window where you will be applying the black band VERY good otherwise the black will start to come up like it did on mine. thankfully the windows were still out of my car when i noticed it coming up. re-did it with some industrial strength window cleaner prep first and they are still fine three years later :)

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applied with a sponge brush like these:


it goes on pretty thick and does not run... i think i only put one base coat on there and then when it dried just touched up the areas that light still got through... so like a very light touch-up second layer

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