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Supercar Sunday 26th June 2011

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Great day out at Supercar sunday. Good to catch up with so many friends. I think TLF had the biggest (and best) supercar section on display (maybe only the caterhams up in the field had as many in number)

Will sort through me pictures tomorrow and upload.

Man was it hot, the good old air con worked a treat as we cruised home.

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Good day out, nice to put faces to names and meet up with some I already know, had a hot run home (failed aircon)

463 miles round trip, anyone travel further ???

Bet I have the best fly collection.........

Dont worry,be happy.............

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Great to meet so many new faces, I'm still not able to work out who is who and who i meet and what forum name goes with which person... but then again my brain fried in the heat so the memory part probably wont kick in till it cools down...

A great day out and wonderful hoon coordination , well done Graham .

PS Did anyone else get Bobbed...!!!!!

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Thanks to Martyn for organising and Dave Oneshot for sorting brekkie, especially the veggie sausage. Third year we have done Supercar Sunday and third year it's been a scorcher, and the biggest collection of Esprits since the Oxford meets.

Dont worry Graham someone painted my face too, it does come off eventually but goes a horrible brown colour first.

When I get a chance I put some piccies up later.

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Lovely day out, great organisation guys :D

Hot too!

Can you post up more pics please, I'm going to send a few over to Hethel if you don't mind :)

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Evora NA

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Many thanks to Martyn for organising.

Nice weather and nice company.

I was also glad of the education, I had never realised before that a stickerd up Polo was a supercar.

Amateurs built the Ark

Professionals built the Titanic

"I haven't ridden in cars pulled by cows before" "Bullocks, Mr.Belcher" "No, I haven't, honestly"

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I have a CD with over 80 pictures from the assembly at the pub including a video of us all leaving.

I will post a few of those once I've been through them all.

My brother bumped into the woman who lives in the house opposite the pub (kimbles) and she wanted to know what all the cars were! He asked if we were too loud and she said no - not at all!!


The landlord wants your Tesla when you've finished with it! I think the price might have put him off though!

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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Was good to meet peeps...thanks to the guys for having a look on the freescan for ive gotta figure out the code 26 mystery!..although now I cant download my pics of my camera its not recognising it for some reason...port settings perhaps?

Dave, I got Bobbed!

oh erm....who do I owe for breakkie?????? :s

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Thanks to everyone who made the effort to get to the Pub for the 9.20am departure, in the end we made it at exactly 9.30am at the Heritage Center. Thanks to Graham for co-organising and to Dave for sorting out the Pub. Some great Pics already posted :thumbsup: I'll try and have a look at mine later and see if they are any good.

As far as I know I reckon this was the most cars we've had ever at Super Car Sunday, even though of course we were actually two seperate Clubs as far as the organisers were concened, I wonder if they noticed !

I persume I'll be involved with the organising again next year, so if anyone has any comments good or bad on how things could be improved next time let me know. Bibs has already said he'll bring along all the TLF stuff next time to try and use it as a promo for the Forum.

Martyn :welcome:

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Even though my Lotus is in a million pieces, I made it to Supercar Sunday in my trusty old Supercar Japanese estate car (its really is a wolf in sheeps clothing... 300BHP :thumbsup: )

Managed to say hello to a couple of members but most were playing deckchair shuffle trying to stay out of the sun under a rather small gazebo.

Good turnout of cars both from the club and others including a stunning De Tomaso Pantera and a Countach (totally iconic car)

It's the first time I've been and I was quite impressed with the turnout. I will definately have this on my carlendar for next year although sadly it still wont be in the Esprit.


It's getting there......

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It was a good day yesterday and very hot! I am glad I packed my gazebo on the end and it came in handy.

This was my wife's very first car show and she actually had a good time! She said you were a friendly bunch. :gathering:

Luckily I had covered myself in factor 20 on the way down as I got burnt 2 weeks prior at Tatton Park so I did't want to make that mistake again.

Big thanks to Martyn for organising the event. Also thanks to Dave for sorting out the food and pub venue. I made it just in time for my bacon and sausage sandwich.

It was nice to meet the usual people and also new folk to put a face to a name.

Sorry Paul that we only introduced each other as I was leaving. I'll catch up with you at the next event!


David Walters

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Can we also add our thanks for being able to be part of such a great day.

You babies grumbling about your air-con should have tried doing it in a 'non-air-con' S3 Turbo!

Dave L, I got Bobbed big time again, but for the 2nd time (the 1st was at last year's MPH show where we met Bibs for the first time). You would think I would have learnt then, but twice bitten.....

We've met that couple with the red Countach twice before, driving as a pair in convoy with them once - the 2 greatest Guigiaro shapes of all time together!

Martyn V, the only comment I would have is that the Beaconsfield Services group really should have tried to leave a little closer to the planned departure time. Leaving at around 8-25 (agreed for 8-00) meant that we arrived for our coffee and bacon butties with about 3 minutes to spare - shame really, cause I was looking forward to the meet at the pub. Never mind, it was lovely to meet everyone again, and look forward to the next one.

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What's Bobbed exactly. A good story I hope.


Its a bit like flu , it wont kill you but you know you have had it . :sleeping: But as for Alan and Evi, getting caught twice, :cry::cry: well that's just careless :rant:

Solution..... :doc::whistle:

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Hmmmm, Tough one to tell you, but it's none of the above, sorry Trev :lol:

I got Bobbed 6 years ago and learnt my lesson straight away! :)

We were debating whether to rescue Alan anEvi, but I think no one was willing to get close as they may have got caught and Bobbed again :lol:

Edited by Dodgy

Лотос - для тех которые знают разницу

ENIGMA for those who are paranoid or download one :)



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This has now been explained to me and it seems I had a lucky escape. However next time for heavens sake warn others before it's too late.


I'll get around to it at some point.

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