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Bremo brakes

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I now know why my brake cables will not fit the rear brakes on my X180,they are not the original ones they are brembo,the cables fit forward rather than aft,therefore the the short cable now fits on the long side no problem.Does anybody know if cables can be shortned,if this is possible then I will be OK,if not Iam knackerd?Secondly in my effort to fit the cables I have squeezed one of the hand brake calipers closed and now it only return to half it's position.the brakes are new ,I have no details of the interoir of the brakes and I do not want to brake them.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul .

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Think I know what you're on about...

Rear Brembos on my site might give you a clue.

The hand brake cable runs up under the hub carrier and through the hole in casting and then through the hole in the caliper itself before attaching to the mechanism.

If you notice on the caliper piston there are 2 notches, get a pair of long nose pliers and put them in the notch and turn the things clockwise, this screws the automatically adjusting mechanism back into the caliper body.

Note the main pictures actually show the handbrake lever FITTED INCORRECTLY...they should look like the very bottom photograph where the loop for the cable end wraps in towards the wheel.

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OK took some better photos this morning - the brake lines are clearly makred in yellow.

The lines come along the radius arm and simply loop up into the hole in the hub carrier strengthening web, the outer sheath then stops on the caliper hole and the inner core sits inside the lever arm.

As we discussed last night might be better off selling the brembos and going back to the old setup. You could find some off Lotusbits or something - would definatly save you replaceing that cable....or you could re-route it, looks like a pig to do though.

On a side, on the way back from Oxford, co-pilot and I were talking about brakes and I mentined I'd never really pushed mine hard so we had a go whilst coming down the long drive way with the speed bumps....OMG does that car stop...I have EBC disks, red stuff and stainless braided lines (currently no ABS) and when you put the pedal in agressivly it's like hitting a brick wall (there's tempting fate !).

With good pads and disks I reakon there's no need to fit the brembo rears.



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