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hi everyone my first 10minutes on this website and already moaning lol.

am 21 years old, and found my perfect lotus exige.

i have owned a nissan 350z 3.5litre! high insurance group. my insurance was only 1100 ( i say only)

i tried go compare there and i was quouted the cheapest like £2500!

i have never had a crash in my life or anything. adrian flux didnt quote me or elaphant. wich im suprised because there always the cheapest.

any ideas on this?

im gutted the only thing thats holding back my dream car is the insurance.

and i know its a fast fast car (faster than 3.5litre) zed i had.

i live in a good area. all other high performance cars i have had never any problem with insurance always around 1000pound mark.

why is it so high ?

is there anything i can do ?

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I imagine its a combination of your age, the cars desirability to the less honest members of society and its ability to cover distance in a short period of time.

I guess its a case of phoning round the specialist brokers.

I see you've tried Adrian Flux Try Hegarty, Classic Line etc.

Do a search on the Forum and you'll find all their details.

And don't forget that Full Forum Account Members get a 10% discount on many policies

Good luck

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The cost is so high because you are the risk. People dont seem to get the fact that you are insuring the risk primarily, (thats you) not the car.

Typically gender assumptions. Note, no mention of a car my friend!

Differences between male and female drivers in terms of crash rates are evident in a wide range of countries, including the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa, with males being significantly more at risk than females.

• Similar differences are evident regarding male and female pedestrians and accidents in the home and workplace.

• The differences are not easily explained in terms of levels of competence and driving skill of men and women. They derive from more fundamental differences in specific areas of behaviour and psychological functioning.

• There is extensive evidence to show that men, and young men in particular, tend to be more aggressive than women (in all known cultures) and they express aggression in a direct, rather than indirect, manner. This has a very significant impact on driving – encouraging more competitive and hostile behaviour with consequent higher probabilities of crashing.

• Levels of deviant (rule-breaking) behaviour are significantly higher in men than in women. This manifests itself in a greater frequency of violation of traffic regulations, including speed limits, traffic controls, drink-driving, etc.

• Men also exhibit, on average, higher levels of sensation-seeking and risk-taking in a wide variety of settings. The basis for this well-established sex difference has a hormonal and neurochemical basis – it is not simply a product of socialisation or experience.

• The differences between the sexes in terms of their risk-proneness while driving can be explained, at least in part, using an evolutionary psychology perspective. This proposes that much of neural circuitry of the human brain evolved to meet the requirements of societies and cultures very different from our own – that of the hunter gatherer – that existed for over 99% of our evolution as a species. Our 21st century skulls contain essentially ‘stone-age’ brains, and the brains of men are women are different in certain crucial respects.

• Stone-age man did not drive. But the legacy of his hunting, aggressive and risk-taking past – qualities that enabled him to survive and mate, thereby passing on his genes to future generations – are still evident in the way in which he typically drives his car.

• A report published by the Department of Gender and Women’s Health at the World Health Organisation has called for recognition of these fundamental differences between men and women drivers and the development of gender-differentiated policies in relevant areas.

Caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation, So its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Your damned if you do, but your damned if you don't so shut your cock!!!!!!!!!!!

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I cannot see how Mark's comments are stupid. I cannot verify them with empirical data but I'd have to guess that at least most are accurate.

The court has ruled, it doesn't mean that any EU country has put those findings into law, nor that any insurance company has moved from gender specific premium tables. On that basis I'd expect a premium here in the UK to be higher for a male than for a female driving the same car, same driving record, same location etc. That's how it is, and until the companies are told to change it, that's how it will be, contrary to EU or not. Another example of how the EU ruling doesn't result in immediate changes is the UK situation with prisoners and voting. The case was quite some time ago, the government have already had a report produced and a vote in the houses, but it doesn't mean that if we had an election called there would be any serving prisoners voting in that election.

Back to your situation.

Your old premium was £1100, was that recent or was that approx 1 year ago?

If it was quite some time ago then at least part of the increase is explained by the "average" (I assume it's an arithmetic mean) increase of around 30%-40% in the last 6months or so. It may well be that the increase has been unevenly distributed and certain "high risk" groups are seeing a much larger increase than other lower risk groups.

The fact that many high performance cars are located where you live may not help as much as you'd hope, it may actually make it attractive to the criminal element that specialise in high value car theft for the purposes of wringing or exportation.

I'd guess the best way to get a like for like comparison between the insurance costs for a 350Z and a Exige is to get brand new quotes on both. I suspect the Nissan will come in a lot more than £1100 now, making the £2500 seem less of a hike.

As to why certain companies declined to quote, that's simply a case of you, the car, or the overall situation being beyond their appetite to insure. The Elise guys are finding many companies refusing to re-insure existing customers despite to material changes compared to last year.

I'd love to suggest going to a run of the mill broker to get the best rate but most deal with just a few companies or the "panel" of companies managed by a third party. You will probably find a specialist insurer will be the lowest price in the end, although frighteningly Adrian Flux have declined and they are one of the specialist I'd have thought would be in the running.


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I'm afriad your going to have pay up or lump it, not what you want to hear but true.

I'm 25 and have 3 years ncb (didn't drive till after uni), when my Excel was insured for business purposes under a general policy, it would cost be about £1100 for 10 months insurance, Its now on a classic policy and cost me about £660 for 12 months, but limited to SDP and 5K per annum. My 1.3 CDTI corsa which is about as low as you can go insurance wise, costs me £510 for 10 months.

Your quotes are nothing out of the ordinary and take what Mark and Andy have said into account, being under 22 you premiums have gone up in the region of 60% this year, on top of at least 40% the year before. It truly sucks to say it, but your are likely going to have own a more sensible car for a few years until your NCB and age are a little more insurance friendly.

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Glad to hear you got an acceptable quote, I spend a horrific amount on car insurance and can only see it going up at the moment :( I was hoping the 3rd year on the ncb and passing 25 would make a big difference, didn't seem to, well, maybe it did in the my premium went down slightly instead of up a lot!

pictures please when you get it!

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To put it in perspective, a few years back (OK a couple of decades ago + a little bit) when I was 18 I was living in Luton and was driving a Mk3 Escort 1.1. The cost to insure that fully comp was/ would have been £1000. I decided to not bother and went TPF&T. I'm sure an equivalent car today would cost an 18 year old a lot more than that, but would it really be that much more after taking into account the devaluation caused by inflation?

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Been researching insurance for my son who has just passed his test and for several companies we've looked at there was only a few pounds difference between 3PF&T and fully comp which I found very odd. In the end he selected a company that were about £400 cheaper than the rest but as part of the deal they fit a GPS tracker to the car to check on mileage, driving profile etc. I wouldn't like having Big Brother watching me but he's happy to run with it for the first year just to make the saving.

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Average UK young drivers insurance premium is £2,251

Average TPF&T premium is considerably higher than fully comprehensive. This is because for young drivers TP or TPF&T is the only cover available and given the statistics that say they are much more likely to have an accident.

I'm doing some digging but believe that the claims frequency for young drivers is more than 100%. Putting that another way, young drivers are more likely to have a claim in the next 12 months than not to have one.

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I tried insuring a Scooby recently and refused to pay a premium of £950. I'm 43 and have a clean license and no insurance claims in 20 years. Sometimes it realoly is just a clashing of circumstances.

I don't think Paul meant anything. He was just pointing out the reasons you can expect to pay more.

Welcome to the forums BTW. :rolleyes:

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Been researching insurance for my son who has just passed his test and for several companies we've looked at there was only a few pounds difference between 3PF&T and fully comp which I found very odd. In the end he selected a company that were about £400 cheaper than the rest but as part of the deal they fit a GPS tracker to the car to check on mileage, driving profile etc. I wouldn't like having Big Brother watching me but he's happy to run with it for the first year just to make the saving.

It get go beyon odd to bizare.

Some companies do their won fully comp insurance and have little interest in TPF&T (They consider it to be of interest only to high risk customers) so they pass the TPF&T out to another company either directly ("we do not offer that cover, but have a business partner who..") or indirectly (they re-badge the other companies product and take a fee for arranging it. In the case of the latter you can end up with the premium for the TPF&T being higher than the fully comp due to different underwriting.

One of the cheapest ways to insure now can be to go fully comp and set an excess of the value of the car, the insurer is then really only covering Third Party, not even F&T, so they underwrite based on reduced pay-out. Obviously that method of insuring leaves the car owner with no cover for their own losses, so not suitable for all.

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