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Which one to buy?

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Please can someone steer me in the right direction,iam looking to buy an espritlater on in the year,i have read and pondered on which model i should buy.i know everyone has ther own favorites and just need to know what makes itbetter than the other models.what i like about each and laugh cos i love em all its just fine tuning.Gt3 interior but has no spoiler,v8 just the thought and sound of having that engine.S4 ilove this model but itaint a v8.stupid reasons i know but i want the right one for me to cherish.

Help Paul :o

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What you need to look at (since you asked) is a G-car....

Best looks of all the cars



Spencer WV

Found my Esprit, but due to family issues, money went to other things :(

I guess I just have to wait for a while.

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Easy answer - the Esprit is all about the drive, go and test a few out, you'll notice the V8 feels a lot faster then the 4 cylinders and the power comes from all over the rev range. The light GT3 feels more nible and conversly less planed, depends on your driving style. The 4 pots and V8 are different cars in my opinion, no-one can really tell you which car to buy, you have to make that decision on your own.

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have you got a budget? if not you need to set yourself one, that will help detrmine which car to buy, do you want a project?

have you read the buying guides on LEW and the fact file (links at the bottom of the page)

then buy the best one you can afford leaving a couple of K in reserve for unforseen problems.

if you go private then get some one from this forum to go and look at the car with you, if you buy from a dealer or independant then you will pay a bit more and might get a warranty

but the final choice is down to you and you alone

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I'm afraid as there are say, 20 different versions, you'll get 20 different answers all telling you to buy the one that they have. Sorry, but that always happens I'm afraid.

Right then, said Fred.

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I'm afraid as there are say, 20 different versions, you'll get 20 different answers all telling you to buy the one that they have.
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Tony K. :)


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Hmm. what about Giugiaro Turbo, red one is a good choice  :)


I'll second that but some would have you believe white is also a good colour :o:)


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Model advice aside...

Find one thats been looked after, check it's had any work done

that is desirable on that specific model, get it inspected by an Esprit

specialist (not the AA or by an Esprit owner, get a proper inspection by

someone who knows what to look for and has all the tools and facilities

to look all over it). Make sure you are 100% aware of the cost of any

work you may need to do (as some things can be costly) and have budgeted

for it. Read Lotus Esprit World, as so many questions are already answered

on there.

Do all that, and ANY Esprit from an S1 to a V8 will be a good car. :o

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I'm guessing in that case that you're going to go for the V8, In which case check the year and that it has had the liners done if necessary. (up to '98 iirc - with SOME overspill into '99)

Be aware that the servicing costs are almost double those of a 4 banger.

Also budget

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