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Cooling fans permanently running


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Im now 99% sure the wires have been crossed, because i changed the otter switch today for a new one (i now realise not needed) and the wires i recall were PK (purple pink) and B black - the manual states these wires are for the purge pump temp switch!!!  The otter switch should be YLG (yellow green) and BO (black orange).  Id bet the house that tomorrow when I go and swap them over everything will be fine.  It really does make sense, the radiator relay is getting signal from the purge pump temp switch at 70 degrees to switch on, the fans come on and cant keep the car cooler than 80 odd degrees so the coolant stays at 80 and the fans just stay on until the coolant reaches 60 degrees.... which is never when the car is running!!!  Useful hack if you want the car to always stay at 80???  Might be tough on the fan motors tho...

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did not read the entire thread, but had the same problem when bought my lotus esprit SE 1991.


All I had to do to fix this particular problem was to change the ECU water temperature sensor, which is located on the intake manifold (not the one near the thermostat).


This cleared this particular code and the fan now run only when at temperature.


The sensor costs like 40 $

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worked a treat.  it was just the crossed wires.  interestingly, my purge pump which has never worked during my ownership of 5 years has suddenly started working.  it whines away for awhile after ignition off if the engine is hot.  makes me wonder if it was wired wrong or poorly, given everything had to be DC then reconnected after my tank replacement work recently.  now everything on the car works, every damn item EVERYTHING!!!  unbelievable

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